First published on MSDN on Oct 18, 2013

Authored by Eliyas Yakub [MSFT]

Most ASUS systems have a built-in utility named AI Suite II that monitors and configures the system’s hardware components. The utility installs a filter driver (ASUSFILTR) on the USB root hub of each xHCI controller of the system. When such a system (with ASUSFILTR) is upgraded to Windows 8.1, the service entry for the filter driver doesn’t properly migrate due to improper driver installation by AI Suite II . As a result, all USB root hubs (xHCI) fail to start as shown in this image. Therefore, SuperSpeed ports of each root hub will stop functioning.

To resolve the issue,

1. Open Add or remove programs .

2. Choose AI Suite II and click on Uninstall .

You are given an option to change the configuration of the utility.

3. Select the option to delete USB 3.0 Boost and restart the system.

After the system restarts, all SuperSpeed ports will be functional. Please note, the USB 3.0 Boost utility is not required on Windows 8/8.1 because the operating system has a Microsoft-provided UASP driver (uaspstor.sys).

Alternatively, you can reinstall the Al Suite II from this Web site .