Serverless Eventing with Azure Event Grid

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Microsoft recently released the public preview of Azure Event Grid – a hyper-scalable serverless platform for routing events with intelligent filtering. No more polling for events – Event Grid is a reactive programming platform for pushing events out to interested subscribers. The support the massive scalability and minimal latency makes this an ideal solution for a number of scenarios, including monitoring, governance, IoT, or general integration. This session will demonstrate how easy it is to configure a logging and alerting capability with Azure Event Grid.




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was this recorded?

@Tony Stark I am afraid this one was not recorded by us so unless an attendee or the MVP who presented it recorded it there will be no recording for this session. 

@Daniel Toomey was the speaker for this session - he mentioned he was planning to record a video for this session outside of the event. Let's give him some time to get it done :)

The recording is on it's way! :-)

A full recording of the same content I presented at Tech Summit (including the demo) is now available here:   https://youtu.be/zoiH-Kdgv4E  (~14 mins). But if just want to see the demo part (which unfortunately didn't work in Sydney due to internet connectivity issues), you can watch this clip:  https://mindovermessaging.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/eventgrid-15min-demoonly.mp4 (~5 mins).

A brief 15-min presentation (with demo) on Azure Event Grid

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