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Microsoft Tech Summit San Francisco Mar 19-20 2018

The Microsoft Tech Summit continues its tour around the world and stopped in the middle of startup country in San Francisco, California! It was a busy two days with lots of activity in the Hub, at Breakouts and in Theaters. We kicked off the two-day event with a Microsoft Azure Keynote with CVP Julia White and a Microsoft 365 Keynote with CVP Ron Markezich.


 20180319_163402459_iOS_sml.jpgMicrosoft CVP Ron Markezich taking the keynote stage at Microsoft Tech Summit San Francisco.

Our breakout sessions were packed spanned across multiple Microsoft products including Azure Active Directory to Cloud App Security, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows, Xamarin and much more!




The Hub was a hive of activity with Microsoft Partners, Theater sessions, the Microsoft Expert Center and Community Central there, helping attendees answer questions and learn about products and programs.

20180319_153255625_iOS_sml.jpgAttendees taking the IT Pro Challenge at the Hub.

20180319_174634247_iOS_sml.jpgLots of conversations happening around the Microsoft Expert Center.


As always, we finish up Day 1 with two panels and you can find both recordings here on the blog. The first is on Diversity and Tech and the second was about Azure Services in Startups both moderated by MVP and Microsoft Regional Director @Eric Overfield



We only have a few Tech Summits left, make sure you attend our last few events in Europe before we start the countdown for Microsoft Ignite! Read more about what to expect at Microsoft Ignite here.