"Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization"

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"Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization"

Over on Reddit, someone mentioned that they got in there tenant, a message that Microsoft will be upgrading them from Skype to Teams in early December.


Published On : November 6, 2018
Action required by December 6, 2018

Microsoft Teams now provides the same presence, chat, voice, video and meetings capabilities as Skype for Business as part of Office 365. Teams is the new communications client in Office 365 replacing Skype for Business over time. Microsoft is committed to supporting your organization’s upgrade to Teams. To make the process as easy as possible, Microsoft will automatically upgrade your users to Teams on Thursday, December 6, 2018.



Is this something that is being rolled out to all? I've not received this message, should I expect it soon?



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Re: "Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization"

This is probabaly for very small with low use tenants but I would expect it to come at some point down the road. But I haven’t heard of anyone being forced.

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I'm having this feedback at this time:


I started receiving those messages through Message Center:


By the way the first message seems to have a recommendation about contacting Microsoft Support if your organization is not ready for Teams Upgrade




Last but not least it appears that today (the last day before the Upgrade) a new button "Postponed upgrade" in Teams Admin center dashboard.

For the record I tried it, and i got no warning or confirmation and result is this message :




I will update my journey in this thread to share my experience if it can helps anyone :) 


@Chris Webb : i confirm that the tenant facing this situation is very small with low use, but I feel this  is a nice situation to have, for understand and share the process ;)


Always daily checked the Message Center ;) 

Re: "Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization"

Thanks for sharing this detail with the community, I've put together a quick blog summary here, welcome any feedback




Re: "Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization"

Update 11/21 : after 1 week : no update on Message Center, no email notification, no change on Teams&sfb Admin center


if any MSFT internal or MVP knows : is there any possibility to un-postponed the Teams Upgrade ?

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You can upgrade at any point by setting your upgrade policy to Teams Only for your tenant.



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Not possible on the tenant : it seems some Coexistence mode are missing ? 


For record : Coexistence mode switch to "blank" when i got message "Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization" through message center.


no possibility to switch again 2018-11-21_17-52-49.png2018-11-21_17-54-52.png

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It's like that for everyone, they for whatever reason removed the function from admin center and haven't put it back. I have a blog on how you can still upgrdae to Teams Only mode via powershell if you like.


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Many thanks i'll try the PowerShell way to see the result in this situation ;)

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strange but unfortunately even PowerShell seems not able to change this "status mode"


by the way this status "postpone" is visible in PowerShell :


I open a thread on Teams AMA today : maybe i'll get lucky with an official answer on this situation ;)