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having several teams and when a new member is added to a team it always gets added to the first team as well and also the invitaion sent is for the first team although I might added him/her to another team so the link in the invitaion does not work because it goes to the wrong team

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Sounds like you are using free teams. The default team is org wide do everyone gets added to it when invited to the tenant / another team. It’s expected behavior in free teams.
yes I am using the free version ... so basically you are telling me that the free version is useless for more than one team ... why then it lets me create and add members to different teams only to find out that, after spending hours to find what is going wrong?
You should be able to add people to a Team as guest by inviting them to the Team and not to the Org. You can also disable / remove that org wide Team as well. But you should be able to add members to your Teams individually.

tried again ... added people as guests and the invitation email shows wrong team ... when the log in no team is assigned to them ... I could create a video showing that nothing works but cannot be bothered ... going back to slack ... thank you for your help

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