meeting owner switched to channel virtual user

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I created a meeting, but - I don't know how - the virtual channel user is the meeting owner. I can't edit it anymore.

If someone knows how I can be the owner back, or deleted the meeting serie, I will appreciate it.


Idealy if this behavior can be fixed, it will be great.



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Hi @Yannick_Lapierre

Is that virtual user on your domain? - Or does it appear it the users section of your Admin Panel. If so, I would say assign a licence, log in and remove the meeting.

You could possibly use Powershell to see if you could Remove the Teams User


However, I can't confirm 100% if that will explicitly remove that meeting instance.

Could you possibly send screenshots?

Hope to help you resolve this soon.

Best, Chris



Can you explain more? Maybe with an picture of your Teams client?



That's a Teams channel2019-02-06 15_15_00-Window.png

Here You can see the Owner of the meeting is what I call the Teams' channel virtual user.

2019-02-06 15_19_31-Window.png

Yeah, its the channel! 

But even though its a channel meeting I'm still the organizer! I'm a little confused about this cause this isn't the first time I've heard this

I think this one may be a ticket to Microsoft.

I would be very interested to understand the root cause of this, and the steps taken to resolve it.

Best, Chris



If you want to open a support ticket do that from your Office 365 Admin Portal https://aka.ms/admincenter


Uservoice is for requesting new features and changes of functions in Teams, not for support tickets.

hello, I tried the link you provided and get this error:

2019-02-27 07_50_42-.png

MS may think, as a feature, adding a "Report bug" in Teams.

That's the 3dt place I open a ticket for this bug...

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