create a microsoft team for classes

David Christensen

Is there a way to create a microsoft team for classes via powershell? or is the only way via the team client:  join or create team | create team | select classes?



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There is a PowerShell module for Teams that is still under preview that you can try. Also there is an upcoming Teams API that should help here too
Juan...do you have a link to access the preview powershell code for Teams?

Have you set up School Data Sync, I believe this is one of the key abilities



Hi David,


Like @Steven Collier said you should have a look at School Data Sync. If you're interested check my blog post on how to Automate Teams for Education with School Data Sync.


You can also create a class team with powershell like this:

New-Team -Alias new_class_team -DisplayName "New Class Team"  -Template EDU_Class


You can fint the module here: https://powershellgallery.com/packages/MicrosoftTeams


The admin user running the cmdlet needs to be licensed with O365/M365 A1, A3 or A5.


@Deletedand @Steven Collier Appreciate the responses...especially with the -Template switch.  Unfortunately my preferred workflow is to create a team from an existing O365 Group but it looks like the -Template switch is not an accepted parameter when using the -Group parameter with the New-Team cmdlet.   Please correct me if Im wrong

Out of curiosity why do you prefer creating teams from groups, do you already have preexisting groups that need to be enabled for Teams?
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