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Is there a way to move a group chat within Teams to an actual Team in order to take advantage of some of the various integrations available to the Teams groups versus the chat groups?





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No by default, but I guess this is something you could accomplish programmatically

Is there a way to create a Flow for Teams to Planner. I want to create a task in Planner when there is a connector created in Teams.

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So most of the same connectors are in flow, why not setup the same connector in a flow trigger that creates a task in planner instead?

There does not currently appear to be any triggers for Teams, which would be needed to do this.  I would suggest voting up the feature for Teams triggers here.  

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I have previously connected my class notebooks with my school's  moodle instance.  I no longer want that, but desire to connect the class notebooks with Microsoft teams.  I have unmapped the class notebook with the moodle classes and signed out of moodle.

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So if you don't want the class notebook why would you create a team using the class template? Might as well create a team without a class notebook

I wouldn’t have expected to be able to map an existing OneNote Class Notebook to a Microsoft Team Classroom. But I’m a little behind on the admin capabilities. 

@Mike Tholfsen

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The dialogue box for attaching or linking a file to a conversation does not display long file names. It displays 34 characters. 
I'd like a tool tip that displays the full name of the file when we hover over it with a mouse.

I have posted the idea at https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/

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When you create an Office 365 group it creates a file storage and a calendar easily visible via Outlook. Once that group is linked to a team (or if you create a team and it creates O365 group) it links the two views of Sharepoint library as Files. However

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There may be some better workarounds coming, but anyone who thinks this should be an included feature should consider voting the existing uservoice request up.  This item

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really really really need this. Kinda unbelievable it was not a priority item. 

Well, indeed you have a Team calendar...Teams are built on top of Groups, so when you create a Team you are creating a Group what means you are getting a Group Calendar..... Read More

We set up team spaces for two specific projects, which also have their respective JIRA projects. Turns out that creating a JIRA connector brings *all* tickets from *every* JIRA project to those team spaces. Is there a way to focus the webhook on a specifi

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This may be what you are looking for:




A webhook in JIRA is defined by the following information, which yo

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Dear Teams User,


I'm just wondering about Office 2016 Integration and Teams.


Is there a possibility to save a document which is open i Excel direct to a Teams Channel?
For example received a document by email or from networkshare open in Excel. Then sa

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If you receive an email with a document attached, and decide after opening it that you want to save it to an MSTeams channel, consider using the channel’s email address.

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Agree with this request...but for now, you can just upload your files directly in Teams and then open the files using the desktop apps

Feedback around some limitations searching Distribution List (DL) from one of our business segments.  I would like to know if this is something that is available and we are just not using the right process or if this is something that will be updated in t

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You might want to look at AvePoint's governance process for Groups... Essentially, if you want to control how people create and use Groups (and Teams), you have to create

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You have two options here - either take over the group creation process and have the users submit a formal request when they want a new group created, or try and educate

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When someone creates a group, don't hey invite the other people they know that are relevant to that group? It shouldn't be everyone's first thought to create a new group

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I could not find anything matching this issue, please feel free to merge or point to the correct thread.


My coworker shared a file in a Teams one on one chat. Clicking on the file took me to "Sorry, you don't have access to this page" with request access

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Obviously, if someone does not have the permission to access a file, they won't be able to access it. What permissions exist for My Sites? Teams is designed to use OneDri

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Seems to be a bug IMHO



After attending the recent MS Tech Summit and all the talk about Teams I set one up for my team and the notifications are not working at all.


I have followed the channels, setup the notification settings for Banner and Email and tried using the @ menti

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Is this happening for everyone, or just yourself?
I have seen cases where it doesn't work for one person but does for everyone else.

I would like to setup Flow, to cleanup Teams which are not used for x days. Sent a approval request to owners, after approval delete the Team.


Are there any templates available for this?


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Best Response confirmed by Marcel Korbee (Occasional Contributor)

Is there a way for a follow up to be set in Teams for a certain date? An example would be;


As admin I will use a connector to let an employee know that a task need to be preformed. I then want he/she to be able to set a follow up date to receive a notif

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Nothing out of the box can do this. Some connectors can be programmed to do so linking to other systems such as maybe Trello, but Planner doesn't have this ability yet (i... Read More

Hi all,


we've experienced an issue with deploying MS Teams to staff in that users can only connect to MS Teams when connected to WiFi, and not when plugged into docking stations/networks. When attempting to log in through the network, users are just get

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Check and make sure your not blocking skype services at your network level. Something with your LAN firewall rules for outbound is blocking required services / ports etc.... Read More

Have you noticed since GA, new Microsoft Teams get a Wiki rather than a OneNote notebook? 

Why is that? Is it a promotional move to remove OneNote and get more people using this new Wiki thing? It looks useful, but wondering why the notebook was dropped as

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From what I see of the Wiki so far, I like parts of it but it feels like about a 60% solution and I don't think it was ready for the way it's deployed on all channels aut

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Can you put a document into a wiki?


I did some digging and figured out the following - the wiki is actually stored in SharePoint, as lists.


Whenever you create a Wiki, a uniquely named list is created like

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Also for a knowledge base function as Wiki is known for, there is no search option! Or am I missing something?


And indeed, where is it stored?


I am looking for a nice kno

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the info written into the WIKI tab, where are stored at file system level ?

I observed that the OneNote notes, are editable even with OneNote (offline) and saved somew

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I see that there are groups that are created when you make a team, and if a Team is created that the organization doesn't want I can add an administrator as an owner and then delete that Team, but is there a way to lock down who can make Teams in the firs

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We already have a Planner group with lots of tasks underway, and want to either add that into Teams or add Teams to that Planner, but I cannot figure out how to do that. Any suggestions?

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Hi folks,


I have watched the video and read the responses but I am still unable to attach an existing Planner to a new Team. The button to "Use existing plan" does not co

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When you add a New planner Tab in your Microsoft Teams Channel, It's actually add fragmented planner as a result you don't get your existing plans in your channel.


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Thanks, Dan. What you say is correct, Dan. Unfortunately there isn't a way to bring in a pre-existing Planner into Microsoft Teams.

I completely understand that its early stages of Teams and that we can now utilise multiple plans within a team, however a good point has been raised regarding adding exi

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Same need here. 

Please better integrate "office 365 plans" with "ms teams plans"


thank you,




I'm wondering whether there is an esay way (drag and drop) to add emails that are in Outlook to a specific channel. The idea is to have a repositery of important emails related to a project at the same place and be able to browse, search, etc.


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AFAIK, this is not possible Today....as a workaround, you can also send e-mails to a Teams channel
You can configure this setting in the Office 365 Administration Portal: Settings -> Services and add-ins -> Microsoft Teams and when you have Teams settings just expand c... Read More

Hi all,


I'm trying to add a website tab. The URL I have points to a domain inside my firewall.

Teams will not allow the tab to be created without the https prefix.

BTW if I cheat and add an s - it accepts it but then does not disp

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I use the Google workaround for public sites by searching for what I want and then saving the URL as a website tab in my channel. I also end up with a quick way to get to... Read More

Google URL shorter works as well :) 

Use bit.ly with a secure URL :)

I am also having the same issue here and have added my vote. 

Subject says it all.


I am trying to add an RSS feed from one of our Sharepoint sites to a Teams Channel using the RSS connector, but the URL is not accepted. It works elsewhere (Outlook subscription, web browser etc.)


Any help appreciated

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Doesn't appear to work for me either when I tested it. Maybe a future change request?

Hi everyone!

I'm facing the same situation: do you have any explanation to help us sort it out?




I am unable to Schedule A Meeting from inside Microsoft Teams.

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Agree with Christopher! The Unknown user may be causing the error if that user cannot access the channel in question for the online meeting!
who is the "unknonw" person? I would start there.

First, I want to say Amazing Job on the release of Microsoft Teams!


We just had our go-live for O365 this week after migrating from Google Apps.  I have been frantically looking for something to fill a gap that we have stumbled across that we were using o

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I also have the same issue in my organization. We have an existing SharePoint library which was really hard and painful process to establish to be used as storage and to

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Dear Team,


I am happy that all the features are intigrated at one place...!


Reg: Sharepoint document library in Microsoft Teams - Will the customiused view of documents l

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I just started using teams after having used Office365 for a couple of years. In that implementation we have several sharepoint sites and existing document libraries that

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Why is Sharepoint Integration not working?


The default sharepoint site for the Teams group I created inside MS Teams won't find documents:


These files are no longer avail
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You can sync documents from any SharePoint library (on-prem or Online) with Teams documents, also from local file server department shares or user home drives via 3rd par

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Hi There,


I made a team and added 1 collegue as a member. Then I added a group and added that collegue and other collegues as well. When I now try to add that group to my team (click on *** next to teamname, click "add new members",  select the group an

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Well, as happens with Groups when you try to add a Group in a Team, you are not really adding the Group (nesting is not supported yet)...you are adding the users that bel... Read More

Hi all, when a Team is created, a site is created in the default Site Collection. Is it possible to change the default location where a Teams Site is created? We've also looked at PowerShell, but new-Team doesn't contain any parameters to specify the SPO

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Hello Wim van der Heijden, 


As you can see in this link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/MicrosoftTeams/sharepoint-onedrive-interact, this how Teams and SharePoint inte

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I get a crash report as soon as I launch Teams. The dock icon shows up briefly, but not the window.


High Sierra 10.13.1 Beta (17B25c)

Teams 1.00.026952

EDIT: updated to and getting the exact same error, with the addition of a popup: "The applic

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Things I tried since the original post:

  • Completely remove Teams and Office and all related files using AppCleaner, then reinstall Teams
    It still crashes.
  • Create a new user a
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I've got the same crash. Teams was working fine, then it suddenly crashed and I cannot open it anymore. I've downloaded the latest version from Microsoft webpage and it s

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Just an observation, but your version of Teams seems out of date.  I'm running  On the initial 10.13 release it's been stable for me.


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