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Is anyone else having this problem? In a conversation, I hit the link file button and choose the Box integration I set up. I can see all the folders for my Box.com account, but as soon as I click to go into a folder, Teams crashes and restarts. 


I did get

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Not seen this myself. Sounds like a bug.

Definitely worth letting Microsoft know either via the feedback button in Teams or via UserVoice at this link: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/category/205564-bugs

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I'm user of MS teams, where is the general place to request feature or specific updates? Is this forum serving this function?



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For all Microsoft products there are matching uservocie sites.


I wrote this post earlier today.



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I cannot see the Tab Chat on Teams:



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Can you cehck in the Teams settings if Chat is allowed?




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The ability to leave feedback on an assignment is essential, but if the student can't see the feedback it's a waste of time. I have a teacher who asked me to check into this and when I posted feedback for an assignment, the student couldn't see it. If the

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No this feature is one of the most important and it works in google classroom and used to work with MS classroom. 

I am having the same issue.  I am the tech coordinator and one of our teachers has spent a lot of time commenting on her classroom assignments and none of the students ca

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since some updates, I can no longer use the voice and video functions on my client teams for mac

when I try to join a correspondent it sounds in the void
when he tries to contact me, it tells him that my client is incompatible

we both have the versio

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further information :
- this happens only in the context of the corporate network (WIFI / LAN) behind a proxy.
- it works normally at home in 4G.
- I am the only one impacte

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I would suggest to raise a support ticket

After the Ignite announcement (poorly kept "secret"!), I thought I would do a quick comparison of the SfB and Teams clients. It doesn't make for a comfortable read.



There are currently 5 processes showing for the Teams client with a total memory use o

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Interesting topic, though I don't have any particular insights.  I am not caught up with all the Ignite sessions but I was wondering related to your points, if this is no

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Teams error.png

I created a new Excel document in Files and then created a tab linking to it.


When I click on the tab, the Excel file is not displayed in the window. Instead I receieve 'can't open workbook' message (see attached image).


It doesn't make sense how the 'fil

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Same issue here. Uploaden a workbook works fine, but creating a new workbook gives some issues. Sometimes the workbook cannot be opened with "Wrong file format message" o

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I just tried creating a new Excel and then adding the tab and it worked. So I wonder if there is somehting in the content of your excel file that isn't supported by the p

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Can I transfer existing Onenote course books into a team?


Or can I share several Onenote notebooks with a team?

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You can create a new notebook tab and there is a feature to integrate the exist notebook to the new Tab. this method only workable for the standard notebook. If you want

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You can't actually copy a OneNote notebook file, but you can move the content.
So what you'd need to do is have the existing notebook file open in OneNote, then open the o... Read More

I've installed the Teams client on my computer (as a local admin) and the client installs in the 'Appdata/local' part of my profile? is this correct? It doesn't install into into Program Files or someone else in the OS?



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That is correct. The installer of the client uses Squirrel as the installation framework which by default installs to AppData\Local. It's the root concept of Squirrel to

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It was announced that Trello would be a partner and you would have the ability to add Trello boards to your Team sites. Does anyone know when this might become reality?
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I saw the Trello tab appear as a tab along with 3-4 other new integrated apps.  I managed to last night add an existing Trello board as an app to one of my channels.  How

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Can you share the announcement? I believe what you will be able to do is the following:
(1) Connect Trello to Teams using Connectors
(2) Add a Trello Tab to your Teams.

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Can anyone recommend any good Powershell courses, or even where to look for them?

Our team is new to O365, and we're rolling out Teams and SharePoint Online enterprise wide. Since we'd have to administer these two services, and there's not too many adminis

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Powershell in a Month of Lunches by @Don Jones is a fantastic book for getting started with PowerShell, it explains how to teach yourself how to use it for any system. HI

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Take a look at Pluralsight coursers, they have there some PowerShell ones

One of my customers has reached a roadblock to adoption of Teams. In the old way of doing things people would "collaborate" using emails so it was easy in the case of a law suit to provide only emails that were related to a particular issue.


In the MS Tea

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Thanks Janna! I'll check out the link.
Hi Veronica - I just checked the Security & Compliance Center and it looks like you can do a Search/log of Teams data. The Learn More link goes here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Run-a-Content-Search-in-the-Office-365-Security-Compliance-Center-61852fd9-fe8a-4880-a339-cb19ed3bff4a?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US... Read More

Trying to create Actionable Message for MS Teams with ActionCard. Using the HttpPOST, got the error message "Failed to send. There was a problem submitting your changes. Try again in a minute."

Below is the code

	"@type": "ActionCard",
	"name": "Add a Com
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I am having the exact same issue. Cannot get HttpPost actions to work at all in Teams. 

When I add a Power BI Tab and link it up to a report I'm the only person who is able to see it.  Other members of the team are not able to see it and recieve the dreaded "This Content is not available" message.   Everyone can post their own content but no

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I see exactly the same thing. I published a report to my team's workspace. I can see it in the team workspace in the Power BI Service in the browser and I can see it in t

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Have you checked the permissions on your dashboard/report to make sure those people who are getting those errors have permissions? If your content is coming from a differ

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I have created a team space then created a onenote within that team space. I then open the one note in onenote2016. I then add a tab within the client and it does not show up in the teams onenote. if I edit the current tab everything sysnc's. Is this norm

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You can create a new tab within Teams.

Choose "Webplace" (in Danish "Websted"... - maybe it is labled something differnet in You language?)

Paste the web-URL of the OneNote

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In Teams you only see the section you create in each channel so if you add another tabs you need to open the OneNote using the desktop app or going to the underlying site... Read More
We are set up for hybrid SfB on prem / online, but no accounts in the cloud. Tried Teams out tonight, other than my own, there is no presence, no direct messaging, it doesn't seem to work. Is there a setup step I missed, or does it require SfB Online?
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Since the last announcement on Microsoft Ignite regarding Teams to take over SFB, I worried regarding SFB on prem can be connected to Teams.

@Juan Carlos González Martín, @Suphatra Rufo any updates on MS Teams and SfB on-prem integration?

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Hi David - Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are separate. There is bilateral IM interop for SfB Online users, but not on-premises. However, any user with the approp... Read More

For those of you who manage Teams and try not to go near email, this is an important thing to know about...

On August 9, Microsoft launched the Office 365 Groups expiration policy into preview. It expires groups after a set period and helps keep the spread

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This is really bad from MS. not sure if this is the marketing strategy.


Expiry group is a fundamental feature for all customers and not just Premier customers.


MS should

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I'm working on trying to get my team to start using Microsoft Teams as opposed to our other chat program. One thing that would be incredibly beneficial for us is the ability to share documents in team chats and edit them together. The one short fall I've

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Strange, comments is just an Office feature and all the authors should see them

Hi all, MindMeister is now available as a tab in Microsoft Teams. Adding MindMeister lets your team mind map, brainstorm, and visually outline project plans inside your channels. 


MindMeister - MS Teams Classic.png

Just to let you know: If you're having trouble connecting your existing Min

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We are also at the Microsoft Ignite this week and would love to show you the MindMeister Tab and new features in person.


Feel free to connect here: Microsoft Ignite Attendee Profile

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Great Tool!


I just explored, looking forward to getting most of it. Thanks for updating here

Great, but why can't I find the option in Teams? There is no option to select Mindmeister....


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Great Stuff, thanks Raphaela for detailing on this! 


I'm looking for any Statistics within MS Teams


I'm interested in:

- Full list of existing MS Teams in the entire tenant

- Owner for each Team

- Member(s) for each Team

- Last modified ?

- # Conversations, Files, ...activity Overall

- Which User did what (read/w

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:+1: !!!

We don't currently have usage reports about Teams...Microsoft is committed to provide them in the future. No ETA yet

At Ignite this week we got our first public look at the new interface for calling in Microsoft Teams, it seems to make many telephony features easier to use than Skype for Business.




Here's my review https://medium.com/@smcollier/teams-calling-reviewing-your-new-phone-5f64111ddfc4

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Has anyone else noticed that when you try to add a SharePoint tab in Teams that within the Relevant sites section the circle of hope never disappears?




The Use a SharePoint link seems to work fine.


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Hey Everyone! If you get a chance, tune in to today's session on Security & Compliance in Microsoft Teams at 3:15PM EST, presented by Ansuman Acharya: https://myignite.microsoft.com/sessions/53221?source=sessions, and then look for my follow-up Blog Post

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Just wondering if anyone knows a way to apply a preset view to a SharePoint document library you connect to teams?


The plan was to have a single document library for security, then use enterprise key words to sort and filter the content and have p

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Maybe not ideal, but for now you could add links as tabs in your team to views in the SharePoint library:


link to sharepoint.PNG

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A better integration of SharePoint in Teams is coming and I think what you need to achieve is something that you can do with the coming integration features

When added the tab "website" and using the website within Teams, is it possible to "freeze the page" when going to e.g. a different channel so that when I go back to the website, it will stay as I left it? Now, when I leave the page and come back, it will

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The website is just a link so it is not possible to do this directly. Maybe the website that you are linking to could keep[ track of the recently visited pages and offer

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AFAIK, this feature is currently not present in the Website Tab