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Our whole office has Skype and Teams. When I look for someone only their Skype contact shows up. Sometimes I will see their real Teams contact in the recommended, but often I don't. The only way to establish the connection between both Team IDs is to have

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This is why I have the skype chat function off in Teams. They still have no released full chat interop yet until next quarter, so your going to have issues with that. I r... Read More

A little while ago, Microsoft added some Teams Usage Reports to the Office 365 Portal. I recently wrote up a blog post on how to access this same data using Beta APIs from Microsoft Graph.


You can read the blog post here: https://blog.thoughtstuff.co.uk/2017/12/accessing-microsoft-teams-usage-data-in-code-with-microsoft-graph/

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Before Teams, we have used Office 365 Groups to receive external emails, like an AP address so vendors could send invoices to a group email and the AP team would get it. We added that AP group to Teams when Teams came out and have no probs.


Now we have se

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Not sure, if this is a bug or the setting to be made for each group. But I found it to enable from the Outlook groups tab. Select Group > Edit Group > Let people outsi... Read More

Guys, nothing as changed since first post but I have discovered something that I want to share with you.


I've looked up different group properties through Windows PowerShell

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This is something that will come to teams at some point

While at work we are trying to paste unformatted text and now we are all just calling people. Can we please revert this back so we can paste in plain text again using normal keyboard short cuts?

Can Microsoft Teams STOP messing with their keyboard short cu

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We use Teams in our organisation and we call each other by mistake several times a day. We need to be able to disable the CTRL+SHIFT+V shortcut. Preferably rebind it to '

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Creating great content in Microsoft Teams is all very well. But what happens when some not-so-good content turns up or the CEO posts something secret into a public team? You might just want to remove those messages. It’s all good as long as you don’t need

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Hi, I want to register a webhook url in microsoft team, so that I will be able to get the notifications from microsoft team whenever somebody replies to a channel. Further, I want to create a incoming webhook url via the api, but I am not able to find the

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I have successfully integrated Zendesk and Teams using the connector in MS Teams. I can see views which is fine. But i want to post alerts from Zendesk to a channel in MS Teams. For instance, When a ticket is created i want to post an alert in a cha

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Have you managed to work this out yet? Under a team you need a new channel for example 'Zendesk' click on the elipsis and go to connectors on the specific channel

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thanks for the reply. Yes i am able to get this using connector option. The main problem here is if i customize the trigger in Zendesk and the request being sent . I am n

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Does the connector not do this? By saying views I think you currently setup a tab. A connector is accessed by right clicking a channel and connector. This should bring on... Read More

When I'm talking w/ one of my co-workers I unable to hear him.  I will hear a few words and then it goes completely silent.  It's like the app is trying to prevent feedback but ends up muting him.


We tried Skype for business and it worked fine.


What i

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We are implementing MS-Teams at a client site. 

2 Days back I sent a message to one of the top levels people at Client's organization on Skype for Business. He got my message on MS-Teams, then he tried to reply me on Teams but there was an error he was ge

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Teams stores persistent chats in mailboxes of the users in the 1:1 chats. Does the client user have an exchange online mailbox? Might explain why it didn’t store it but i... Read More

I wanted to add a connector to an existing channel and my connector list is showing only the Visual Studio Team Services connector.  All other connectors are missing from the list.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any idea how I get my list of connecto

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I have the same issue. Plus when I try and configure notifications for VSTS I get a 403 error. I don't believe the connector works either as I've not had any notification... Read More
We are having the same issue here. VS is the only connector showing currently for us. We made a ticket concerning this issue but "surprisingly" the answer was just a guid... Read More

I am experiencing the same issue.  Has anyone found a workaround for this issue?

I'm having a similar problem. I saw the list at one point and now I only see the visual team studio. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Seeing the full list of connectors here!

Hi Everyone,


We have setup external guest users for MS Teams. They can see the conversations and files that are uploaded to MS Teams, however they cannot see any tasks in the Team Planner even if they are assigned tasks. 

This effects both web and desktop

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Is still the case or has anything changed?

According to information given at Ignite, Planner support for external access will come soon. When it does, external members in Groups and Teams will be able to access pl... Read More

I guess Planner service has to allow support fro External user access. Right now I can see Planner tasks can be assigned to users outside the organization from Planner an

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Best Response confirmed by Juan Carlos González Martín (MVP)

When you create an Office 365 group it creates a file storage and a calendar easily visible via Outlook. Once that group is linked to a team (or if you create a team and it creates O365 group) it links the two views of Sharepoint library as Files. However

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There may be some better workarounds coming, but anyone who thinks this should be an included feature should consider voting the existing uservoice request up.  This item

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really really really need this. Kinda unbelievable it was not a priority item. 

Well, indeed you have a Team calendar...Teams are built on top of Groups, so when you create a Team you are creating a Group what means you are getting a Group Calendar..... Read More

Is there currently a way to convert Channels under a team into its own team?

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AFAIK, it's not possible...adding @Elaine Ansell



I created a team in MSTeams and I want to create a few channels there but some of them with restricted access for some of the team members. Do we have this feature in MSTeams? If yes, how can I do that? If no, do you plan to add this? 


Thanks a lot

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🤦🏻‍♀️ How can it not have a private channel...



This possibility is real need.

Currently, I can't push users to move to TEAMS due to this HUGE lack.


When this option is planned to be implemented ?

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For those interested, I've written a longer piece about why we don't have private channels already here



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I get a little puzzled when people ask for a private channel within the Team. What is the point? A 'Team' is already either a public or private space. If there is going t... Read More
@Elaine Ansell When is this feature planned to roll out for testing? Also, is there a set time for updates? Every week, every other week etc. Read More

We have been able to add/create new Teams in the past.  We've created a private Office 365 group, assigned an admin as the owner, who also happens to be an Office 365 Global Admin. Logged into Teams with that Admin and finished the setup of the team and a

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Are you able to create an Office 365 Group?

I know there is a limit of 250 groups that a user can create - but that limit does not apply to a global admin.

Have you tried this on both the desktop application and web application?

I would suggest logging a support ticket. Go into the Office 365 admin portal and click "Support" on the left navigation.

Hi Team,


When i create a section from teams that specific section is getting synced but when i open the same OneNote from SharePoint and create a new section its not shown as tab in the team.

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My understanding is that a single OneNote notebook exists for a Team - this notebook is stored in the SharePoint site for the Group related to the Team.


In Teams, each

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We have several teams within our organization.  Sometimes a Team A will need to notify or work with another employee who works in Team B.  The Team B member does not need to permanently belong to Team A, just participate in a discussion from time to time.

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I just turned Teams on this very morning and need to immerse myself in the how-tos, so I don't know if this can be done, but when you add in the Yammer tab to the Teams c

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one way is to do a direct chat with a specific person

You can't, it's limited to the Team's members.

Currently our chat history is not being stored in the user mailbox conversation history. Everything i can find states that this is where it should be according to the statement below here: https://goo.gl/ZQXmsU


"All Teams 1:1 or group chats are journale

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The client can not access th storage location for Teams messages via outlook. Have to use security center to search and pull those.
Best Response confirmed by Tom Gould (Occasional Contributor)

In response to a couple of partner requests I created a short 2 minute video to show how to change Teams Interop Policies. I did this to compliment other excellent articles and blogs that are out there. I am sharing the You Tube link in case my vide can h

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Not sure whether or not anyone else has noticed this, but being a visually imapired user, I use NVDA as my screen reader on my computer (Windows 10 professional build 1709), and Talkback on my Android 8.0 phone. I've noticed that when a connector posts a

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Hi All,

Is there a way to monitor the file downloads for Teams. Any tracking mechanism to know what are the various files that have been downloaded by the users of different channels?

We can search the Audit log for the following though:

  • Created team
  • Del
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Teams files are SharePoint files, so you just need to look in that section of the audit data.

I've got the desktop version of Teams working great.  I'm able to connect online as well.  I downloaded the Android app, and I enter in my acct name, and hit login and it tells me it can't login.  But there's no place for the password.  What am I missing?

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Can you send the logs and clicking on "report issue" on the sign-in screen.


Same here, MS Teams just shows the place for work email address. Having written that, it doesn't open up anything new and pressing login just says "Something went wrong,.

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I had similar issue. There was no place for the password, and the app got stuck in loging me in. I worked around the issue by entering an invalid account. That brought me

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I have Android App installed since some weeks ago and It has worked with no problems

Why user with member role can add new member in public group? Suppose only user with owner role can do that right? Please advise. TQ

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Public groups are opened to anyone, members can "invite" others. No owner approval is needed for Public groups, the invited users will just be added once he accepts the i

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Best Response confirmed by Juan Carlos González Martín (MVP)

I have created a uservoice request for provisioning of teams: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/32651359-provision


With that said I mean provsioning in a template way. Why a template? As a admin i want to be able to u

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I voted Paul! I think this would really make a difference for customers using and managing Microsoft Teams.

I agree, I would like such a provisioning template. You got my vote.


Btw, in the past I already voted for this idea:


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Voted also !

Voted! Sounds like it would be a handy option to have.
Voted and I expect this is something that Microsoft will provide or at least at Teams evolves we will be able to easily do it



When a team is deleted in Teams, what will happen to the associated SP site and it's contents? Will it also be deleted?


The SP sites do not show up in SharePoint Admin Center. It it possible in any way to see a list of all sites created by Teams?



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When a team is deleted, the following content get deleted :

When a group is restored, the following content is restored:

  • Azure Active Directory (AD) Office 365 Groups o

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When a Team is deleted, the corresponding SPO site will also get deleted. 


To get sites created by Teams, as of today there is no direct way. By default when a new team i

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Best Response confirmed by Jakob Rohde (Contributor)

The connected site collection will remain in place unless manually deleted. Powershell will show you all sites in a tenant. And Powershell will also be able to delete tho

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