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I noticed for any contact on my iPhone that doesn't have a phone number (not only colleagues) it shows the following option:C6i6mu5VsAEfx1b.jpg


Is this supposed to happen for any random number? If I click the "Teams" button, Microsoft Teams opens in the last opened scree

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Hi @Nico Martens, tagging @Suphatra Rufo from the engineering team who may be able to find someone who could point you in the right direction. 

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I believe that Yammer and Teams will be better together and are complementary products.


I've created a blog post that explains how I see Yammer and Teams are better together for communities and knowledge management.


How do you see Teams working together?



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Great blog post Simon! You've taken the time to really think this through and it shows.


If you don't mind, I'd like to play a bit of devil's advocate:


  • A lot of your advic
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Continually getting the 'something went wrong' error when loading Microsoft Teams. Feature is on in Admin portal and it has been a good two hours since. Any help would be appreciated.

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@Brian Lee, not sure if you're still experiencing the same problem, but it may be due to the fact that the user was using the wrong email account when logging in.  Have a

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Found that it our web filter was blocking it. Whitelisted teams.microsoft.com and all is working just fine now.
I am having the same issue, with the same error message as Ryan.
However, another user cna access it without problem.
The url seems to show the error message. I see this - "errorCode=orchestration &errorMessage=App loading failed: Orchestration plan max execution time reached". Any ideas... Read More
@Brian Lee - are you still seeing this? In the web client or desktop client?

If you only have a single email account today, then you're probably in the minority.  With several emails, it's not uncommon for anyone to occasionally be using the wrong one.


So, today, I tried logging on to my corporate Microsoft Teams network, but ende

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Yesterday, I was added to a new team in our corporate network... something that happens occasionally.  However, this time, it caused Teams to stop working.  All I got was the splash screen, and eventually, it would bring me to a general support page.


I tr

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Nothing we've done today is being indexed and returned in the search results. I haven't gone back to see how far back it might go. Usually OneNote content was indexed nearly instantaneously, and file content within an hour or two. Today though nothing exc

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To me search in teams is working as expected as far as I can see

Does your organization have a Teams release plan? Will users know to install the application on desktop and mobile devices or access the service through a browser? And is your help desk prepared to support and guide less tech savvy users and VIPs? Adoptio

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FastTrack has also great resources for Teams adoption

Recently, my team will not show display on the "Teams" view of the android app (running 7.0). Any ideas why?

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So far I have not had problems using Teams in my Android App, so I have not seen this problem

my microsoft teams desktop app had been running fine.


all of a sudden it displays Cannot display content right now, and gives choice of quit or retry.

retry doesn't work.


i have uninstalled/reinstalled   that worked for one day.    today again did the same

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I have had a few instances of things like that. 


On PC: 


Quit Teams (open the system tray -> right-click on the Teams icon and quit) -> open %appdata% double-click on Mic

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I've had the same, whenever I received  an update of the app or windows updates. A reboot has always fixed things.


Have a look in the event log of your PC, maybe there is

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Which operating system are you using?

Feature request: when switching between Teams it would be much faster if the previously used channel and tab was still active. For example we have teams set up for each project and each project has a planner tab. It would be ideal be able to jump straight

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+1 for this one!



On this technet page: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uspartner_learning/2017/03/07/know-love-microsoft-teams/


it says the following: 


"It’s worth noting that if I already had an Office 365 Group called Gizmo Gadgets Team, it would have offered to

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As far as I remember, Teams does not work in such a way...if you know there is already a Group with the name of the Team and you want to create a Team on top of the Group... Read More

How do I create a Public Team which users within my organization search and join?

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I feel like I might be missing something obvious here.  But I cannot get Office 365 Connector Cards to render properly in Microsoft Teams.  Here are two examples, a simple one and a complex one.  


Simple Example

I am posting the following JSON through the

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I am also having this issue. Any resolution?

Is anybody else having this problem?

Most of the conversation around Microsoft Teams since it was made available in Preview through to being made Generally Available in under a week from now has been about its competition with Yammer and integration with Office 365 Groups.

It has thrust the “

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I've changed the notification settings for personal mentions to "Banner".  When someone mentions me in a room, I correctly get the Banner and the app icon in my Dock (I have a mac) correctly displays 1 mention.  However, after a few seconds, before I've l

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I didn't see this announced anywhere, so I though I'd share. Our First Release tenant now has a Teams tile on the Office Portal:



Not sure when this happened, since I don't go to the Portal itself very often. I only noticed it today while helping someone e

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Got this from the Message Center of our Tenant:

"As we communicated in December, in MC89318, Microsoft Teams is currently off by default at the tenant level.

Later this qu

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I just checked Office 365 Roadmap (Screenshot). Work Management in Office 365 or Palnner is rolling out. But Microsoft Teams still in development.


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You're right! I can see it on my end too.


That's weird that it was enabled by default. I wonder if this means that it's (nearly) ready for full release..?

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Is there plans to add status functionality to teams?  This would be able to provide a closure process for the team and allow users to filter out closed teams from their view.

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All what it's planned or could be planned in regards of Teams is going to appear first in the Office 365 roadmap and then also in Teams user voice

New compose box: ICYMI, your compose box got a complete redesign. We improved the experience behind a lot of the actions surrounding composing and editing messages. Now, you have separate icons for the following actions:

  • Expanding your compose box
  • Adding an
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Now it works.
Best Response confirmed by Uwe Sachweh (Occasional Contributor)

Same thing here. I have some of the features that they refer to but don't see the new compose message box. Since they also took away the ability to see which release vers

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How much history timeline is supposed to show when you click the "Activity" tab when in a 1:1 chat?  It seems anecedotally it is roughly two weeks.  

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If I look at a 1:1 conversation history for me it goes right back to the start of the conversation with that person. I've got conversation history going right back to ear... Read More
  • How to collect web client logs for teams .?can it be done by using fiddler web App as given diagnostic cmds are not working in chrom i ended to collecting only HAR file that i do not know how to read ....Can any one help me in this ?

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What kind of information do you want to collect from Teams?

When in Teams, I always see this on my Settings profile picture. I feel like "Int" should be a number. Seems like bug.


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.51.03 AM.png

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Not a bug. This signifies that you are on a deployment ring prior to Global. If you were a member of the TAP/beta before Teams was announced, you are on the ring right be

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Best Response confirmed by graffxguy (Occasional Visitor)

I'm not seeing it in my environment. Maybe Int could stand for Internal.

Strange that Microsoft Teams is not yet, for me anyway, appearing in the App Launcher. Any ETA on this please? Loving the app btw!
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So everyone is right about it being in preview and the icon will come, etc. 


However, last night I ACTURALLY SAW IT - I wish I took a screenshot as its gone again today.


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I believe someone from MS said in a previous thread that the App Launcher icon would be coming at some point in the future, there isn't one yet.  


In the meantime, you ca

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I am having issues seeing the new app in my Office 365 Development Tenant too.  I really want to try this out before spending a bunch of time in Office 365 Groups.  Many

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Is there an easy way to see team members who are online?

Right now the only place I can find is the "View Members" option of the team and you can't create a private chat from there.

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If anyone noticed how their latest "update" completely broke the already terrible presence indicator, please upvote the change here ... 


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The status is also indicated on the user icon in chat or the different tabs. But yes, if you want to see the presence info for all users, you have to go to the team membe

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- can't change language anymore, setting disappeared (no way to get T-Bot if you are not on english language)

- away status doesn't change even if you are chatting inside Teams. After manually setting to available and putting Teams into background, status

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Not being able to see the version number is pretty annoying, especially with so many changes happening.

OneNote notes appear to no longer be available inside of the "Chat" navigation pane.  (It appears though if you were previously using it with another teams member then yo

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I already enabled ms.team  from setting menu several days ago. We can login with mobile app and https://teams.microsoft.com

But there is no icon on the office 365 portal?



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Why it is so long to fix the MISSING TILE problem for company subscribers? I can reach URL but the TEAM tile never appear on our portal...