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Microsoft Teams looks very neat and I look forward to learning more about it.  One immediate question, how is Microsoft pitching Microsoft Teams in relation to Yammer?  When would you use one over another? I have seen @Paul Cannon answering a similar ques

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When users create teams, there is no way how to restrcit certain names, like info,admin, ... and because Teams creates O365 groups with primary SMTP info@your.domain, they can easily block those names.


I don't want to block the ability to create new teams

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I'm excited that Microsoft Teams are here, and after using it for a whole day (I had used the Skype Teams preview previously) I've written up a blog post capturing my initial thoughts and highlighting the need for change management, planning and training

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I have followed the 3 steps to enable microsoft teams, visited teams.microsoft.com however I get an error:


"You're missing out!Enable Microsoft Teams for your company." URL shows "licenseError?errorCode=AdminUserLicenseNotPresent"


I am not a government or

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@Jonathan Jacob - you need to have at least one user with a supported license in your tenant. Is it possible you have users only with licenses like Skype for Business sta

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Many congratulations to the Teams Product Group on getting to launch today, I'm very excited to be able to start talking with people about this product now we are in public preview


Now, what can we call you, because the Teams Team does jsut sound weird ?

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@Steven Collier great to see you here. Yeah, we're not too sure what to call ourselves... but we couldn't let that get in the way of a great product name. I tend to say "... Read More

I have activated Microsoct Teams accross my entire organization and I can log in, but I receive this error whenever attempted to add anyone from my tenant. 

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Confirmed. WOrks here now too!

The issue was transient during the rollout of Microsoft Teams and has been addressed. You can add members within the app without getting the error.
Folks, this issue has been addressed. For a period of time there were some issues adding people to newly-created teams as we rolled out Microsoft Teams. That has been add... Read More
Works for me too. Thanks!

Managed to get it working.


Settings and Add-ins Under the o365 groups had to enabled

     Let group owners add people outside my organization to Office 365 groups


Not sure

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I was a bit surprised to see that it does either of those things without asking. I know we're talking beta-level here, but a) that should never happen automatically, b) there should be a preference for it, and c) if you do enable it, there's no way that i

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Brian, great suggestion - I suggest you file this as feedback via the button on the lower left of the app.

How will Teams work for users without Exchange Online mailboxes?


what dependencies does it have on other services and licenses?

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Here's the quick summary: If the user's mailbox is in: Exchange online = usage is not encumbered - they can create teams, view their calendar, and configure connectors Ex... Read More
I just walked through some of the videos on deployment. Great info on dependencies here https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/introducing-microsoft-teams-in-preview-16877?l=1VQruH2AD_4001937548 Read More

I took a look through Microsoft Teams today. Here's my thoughts so far.


  • Free/included with Office 365 plans
  • Easy to enable and set up
  • Usable via web and all major platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps available)
  • Good integration with a lot of thi
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Agreed on planner.  Absolutely.  That said, disagree with spacing and UI.  I think it's incredibly well layed out.  Just curious on your complaints (and not saying you're

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We are set up for hybrid SfB on prem / online, but no accounts in the cloud. Tried Teams out tonight, other than my own, there is no presence, no direct messaging, it doesn't seem to work. Is there a setup step I missed, or does it require SfB Online?
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My favorite applications in the Office Suite are OneNote and Delve for the way they allow collaboration and surfacing of information.  I also have been wanting to get my coworkers to jump on Yammer because I see the potential, especially after the recent

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Sharing comment from @Paul Cannon posted earlier: You may want to take the time for that (watch the webcast)- the question you ask about Yammer really is good and extends... Read More

This might help from the Sharegate blog:



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See my reply to a similar question above... I think the short answer is that Yammer is optimal for larger groups and company-wide transparency, and Teams is optimal for s

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you can add Yammer connector to a teams channel...

Any insights into when this would be generally available for use and out of "Preview"?

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We announced today that we are expecting to release GA in the first quarter of 2017. https://blogs.office.com/2016/11/02/introducing-microsoft-teams-the-chat-based-workspace-in-office-365/ Read More
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Using the latest Mac client, cannot see the thumbsup/like icon/action on conversations.   I can see the bookmark/save icon though.   Is this not yet released?

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Thumbs up is available in Channel conversations but not in 1:1 or group chats



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Two ways to discuss a document. 

  1. Attach it to a conversation - This will upload the document to the Team's document library and the root of the folder for the channel. 
    Or if you want more control as to where the document is uploaded.
  2. Open Files, visit the f
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We've had a couple of questions about how you get that fancy green ring around your avatar that designates you as an MVP.  If you are an MVP and would like to be recognized as one, shoot the MSFT Tech Community Management Team and they'll get you all set

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