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Since it is quite probable that employees will use the new Teams product to conduct business there are a few Security, Compliance and Goverenance holes that probably need to be filled.

  • Will the content of Teams be available/accessible to the Security & Com
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I couldn't agree more. 

Dispite the what was communicated on the Office 365 Blog, NJ event and Office 365 message center, the option to enable it is not available for my Office 365 tenant yet.





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"Microsoft Teams" ... second link from the top. Is it not working for you?
Best Response confirmed by Marcus Tarquinio (Occasional Contributor)

I have enabled teams across my domain. What next? How the hell do you use it?

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I have an Office 365 team account, so I was curious.

  • The video on the marketing page taught me how to "enable it" as an admin, but not how to actually open it.
  • I spent 10 m
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@Dan Stevenson, I've tried going through teams.microsoft.com - I am the global admin and I've already enabled the Teams service for our tenant earlier this morning, once

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@Scott Spiro can you provide more details? Are you going to teams.microsoft.com or using the desktop app? Have you or your IT admin already enabled Microsoft Teams for yo... Read More
I enabled Teams in our tenant about 4 hours ago. Still can't login. It usually times out at the "initializing..." phase... with no additional messaging. Has anyone else s... Read More

It will eventually show up in your app launcher as well.

Where is the data created held for teams in the Azure data center with the tenant or in the USA etc?

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I'd imagine it's located in exactly the same location where your SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, SFB and ODFB data is located as those are the services used.

Hey Team, my name is Kaushal Mehta, Sr. Tech Program Manager, worked with several customers in the pre-release dev phase of Microsoft Teams. Hoping you have a good initial experience but please feel free to post your questions, feedback here so we can res

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Same issue as Kevin and Daniel.  Getting an error when adding people to a team about user doesn't have permission.

I enabled it in my Admin Area. For some reason, I don't see Team App Anywhere in App Launcher. Is there anything else I need to do?

Hi all - Great Questions!  Please start new discussions with your various questions so we can have threads for each of them.  Thanks for contributing to the community!

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I've gotten signed into Teams, but it won't let me add any users to my team? It says The user does not have permissions to access Microsoft Teams, even though I enabled i... Read More

Teams seems great except Planner integration. Is there a way to tag / mention a Planner task in the conversation? 

This is really important as there is no way to discuss about the Planner task. 

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I was looking for something similar. The report / dashboards in planner are great but their is no option for that on the teams page. Am I just doing something wrong?

It doesn´t integrate with Planner Hub either in a nice way.

The plan you create in Planner doesn´t show up in Teams and vice versa.


The only thing that do sync is your own

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I know this is not what people like to hear but I think is is important for Microsoft to come out with some messaging for us to let us know where teams fits in with Groups, etc. VS Yammer fitting in.

Yes, it is better to have more options but we need to kn

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@Chris Slemp is right. We recommend Yammer for large groups (currently greater than 600 people, rather than 500) and communities of practice. Scenarios like we have inter... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Ruben Kertesz (Frequent Contributor)

What I've heard is that Teams is designed for smaller teams (in fact, I believe there's currently a cap of 500 members in a team?) and for real-time co-working. While Yam

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After enabling Microsoft Teams under 'Services & add-ins' I still get the "You're missing out" page with a URL of https://teams.microsoft.com/_#/licenseError?errorCode=AdminUserLicenseNotPresent

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I am an Office 365 Business subscriber, have enabled teams in Admin, and am still getting the "You're missing out" message, would love to some help..

Thanks for reporting this. As @Ken Hoover notes, Edu/Gov tenants are not currently supported. We will soon correct the discrepancy in the admin UI. Read More

If you have a government or educational O365 tenant, Teams doesn't work for you, apparently.  The toggle to enable it is present but attempts to access the service will f

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Same error. Anyone at all have a fix?

Get the same thing, tried several different browsers and logging in and back out.



I've read teh FAQs but can't see where to add a team. I've turned on team in Admin: Servie settings.



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Teams app icon is coming in the near future. For now, download from https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads. Or you can begin by using the web application as well, at https://teams.microsoft.com

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So I created my first Team today and it happily went off and created an O365 Group & Site (aka Team Site).


But there's no "connection" between the Teams system and the Group (on SPOnline).  Other than Files being exposed in both places. How to you step be

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How do I add additional existing Office 365 groups to Teams?  Within the app, I don't see a way to add them to the "favorites" bar.

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There should be a link to do so when you click on "create team", but this link only appears if you're the group owner of a private group. If you're the owner of a public ... Read More

Since Teams is meant to be a singular workspace for.....well, teams, how difficult would it be to add/create the same Teams and Channels (or at least have the option to) in O365 Video platform?


I can see how having the ability to access (and maybe view) V

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I have connected with a doc library on my SharePoint site and I can view and edit Office docs as normal. However I can't upload any files to SharePoint (from my PC) via Teams using the Upload button. It gets about 3/4's of the way and appears to stop. No

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Hello Andrew, I'm the Program Manager for files in Microsoft Teams. Sounds like you've encountered a bug - apologies, and thank you for reporting the issue.

To confirm, y... Read More

Our test users are seeing a memory footprint for the Teams application on Windows 10 of over 500MB. By comparison, their Slack application consumes less than 50MB. Can anyone confirm?

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Some clarification on how to view memory utilization will help here. On Windows 10, The Teams app is showing about 29 MB, but there are several background processes consu... Read More
I'd suggest clicking the light bulb in lower left and "Report a Problem"
On another PC for another environment it is 45.7 MB
My teams sits at 24.9 MB and there is quite a bit of content in the environment I'm using
Huge memory hog for me as well. Sitting around 400MB right now with no activity occurring.

What is the reason for only allowing Teams to be added to existing private Groups?  e.g. Why can't the Group be public?

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In order to use teams with an existing O365 group, does the group have to be private? if so is there a way to add a public group?

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Hi - Private groups for now - should that change we will communicate to the community. Thanks!

Sign in to your UserVoice fails with this error message:


Additional technical information:
Correlation ID: 795f75be-26f8-444f-84ae-ae798baf3866
Timestamp: 2016-11-02 17:22:44Z
AADSTS50020: User account XXXXX from identity provider 'live.com' does not exist i

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Hi @Viktor Bergman

Can you share the link you are using to get to UserVoice to provide feedback?  Thank you!

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I don't see a way to do this now, but is there a way to split a conversation into a new conversation/channel?  The use case I'm thinking of is that if a conversation drifts off topic, or has multiple subtopics, you could break it off into separate threads

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Simple question: Does (or will) Teams make the IM part of SfB redundant? Why have two 'chat' or real-time messaging apps? I can see that SfB will still be needed for video/voice calls, online meetings and screen sharing, but the IM bit? Not so much.



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As long as you don't need to share control of your screen, group and video calls incl. screen sharing in Microsoft Teams would be an alternative for Skype for Business, t

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have you gone to teams.microsoft.com yet and signed in?

I've been wondering the same thing. The only advantage I can see is that SfB backs up to Outlook. We have SfB online so this really helps with the ridiculous lack of pers

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I want also to include in my team, information from the group, not only the Identity of the members.

Like existing documents, planner and OneNote...i guess conversations will be too much?

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When you connect a team to an existing Office 365 group, the team creates a default channel ("General", in English).


Each channel is its own FOLDER in the default DOCUM

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Our business currently has an Office 365 business plan (which sits midway between the Business Essentials and Business Premium plans). We were able to enable Teams within the Admin interface yesterday but it's been 24 hours and we are still unable to acce

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Experiencing the same thing. We're on a Office 365 business plan.  We're able to enable Teams, but once enabled we can't login to the Teams website.  Sends me to a page s

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Will there be an additional subscription cost for Teams after it is out of the preview stage? We currently have Business Essentials and Business Premium accounts.

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Microsoft Teams is available to Office 365 commercial customers with one of the following plans: Business Essentials, Business Premium, and Enterprise E1, E3 and E5. Micr... Read More

We're excited you are here.  My name is Laurie & I'm the Microsoft Teams Community Manager.  I've posted a blog with some information about our community so check that out when you have a moment.  This community is a place for you to ask questions about o

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Hi, finally a one-place for all the team tools in O365! But really not clear how MS Teams coexist with Yammer groups/chat.... any paper to describe it?
Thanks for using Microsoft Teams, Julien! 1. If the default document library (I'm not 100% certain what you mean by that) is an ordinary SharePoint document site, you wil... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Anna Chu (Community Manager)
You have the option to link it to existing O365 groups. Just tested it.

I had a chance to give 'Teams' a spin and it is very promissing ... 


I'm looking forward for future integration with existing OneNote & document library.

I found counter i

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We would like to take a look at Teams as it is now, however, we would like to restrict access to a few people instead of the whole organization.

I understand that this is not possible yet.

So I would like to know - what happens when you turn the feature on?

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When I added users to a team they received an email with a link to download the app.
From today trials, only members of a 365 Group received an invitation. when creating a 'Team' based on that Office 365 group.

Turning the feature on did nothing (That I no... Read More

When deploying the desktop client as an application in ConfigMgr - what detection rule should I use?

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