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Hello, is there a way that the students don't have acces anymore to the word document given after the homework, the assingnement is turned in? beacause after it's turned-in they still have it in thier one drive as read only. 

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Hi @philb1977,

There is currently a uservoice open for this functionality here


Would recommend you vote for it to push it up the agenda. I think it’s a pretty essential functionality to prevent students amending the work after the turn in date.

This feature should at least be optional.

Hope I answered your question.

Best, Chris

Hi there,


First, there is a dedicated space for Teams for EDU, which is more closely monitored by the corresponding product group.


That said, I would like to know more about the use case to consider other ways of solving the problem; why should students not have access to a read-only version of their homework assignment?


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