add a AD group as members

Taen keren
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How can I add an AD group to a Team as members? 

I can only add members one by one as for now

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This can’t be done! Not yet supported! You can only add a group or DL and a one time import of the members of that group will be added!
I suggest looking further into dynamic groups in teams:

There are plans for this in the future to synchronise security groups to Office 365 groups which would add them to the team.

Would recommend you vote for this which will also mean you can track its progress and be notified when it’s released.

Hope that helps to answer your question

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I can add a Security group from the client - but not from the admin


and the Security group needs to be mail enabled 

Either way the group itself won’t be a member It will only extract the members of the group to be members of the team

Yup :) 

Glad we sorted that out :)


Hi @adam deltinger 


When I'm in the "Open in SharePoint" library - and want to add an AD Security Group to the SPO site - I can't add an AD security group there, as I normally can in a SharePoint Online Site.

Yes you can, but you need to go to advanced settings and add the sec group into the SP group and not to the Office 365 group

Yes - solved it - (it was missing in the Sync) 

Great :)