Yammer connector stops working after a while

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Since Yammer connector was launched, we created a seperate channel in MS Teams called "Announcements from Yammer", confgured the connector to post announcements there immediately as they appear in 2 of our Yammer groups. This way we can follow important office / company related announcenements there.


However, after a few days / weeks the connector stops working, and announcements stops arriving in our channel. I could not figure out what could be the root cause yet.


After it first happened, I re-configured my Yammer account in Teams, and re-added the connector to the channel. This fixed the problem and announcements started to flow in again.


But after a few days, I added a 3rd channel to the connector we want to get announcements from, and since I did that 1 or 2 announcements have arrived, and then they stopped coming in completely.


Does anyone else encountered this or similar issue? Should I report this somewhere else for Microsoft?






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Do you still have this issue? We recently started to use Teams and configured the connector to inform about conversations in our Yammer-group. After couple of days the connector died and does not post any conversation to our Teams channel.

Was a fix ever found for this issue?  We are having the same / similar issue with the Microsoft Teams Yammer connector just not being reliable.  We are setting it up with the options set to "get all messages" and "Deliver individual messages...".  Sometimes it will work and the messages start showing up (but in very sporadic order.  Not in the order that they are posted on Yammer), then they will stop.  Other times that we have set it up, nothing shows up over in Teams.

@Ron Scheuman was there ever a fix for this? This is happening in my MS Teams. I've deleted and reconfigured the connector, but still not getting Yammer posts in channel. 

@fittsl We still don't have a fix for this.  It is still sporadic.

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