Where does my Teams channel conversation stored?

Senthilrajan Kaliyaperumal

I was going through the many article but below message from some of the article not making a clear understanding around Teams.


If you made a new Team in the past, an Office 365 Group was created complete with Group Mailbox and for those groups that is where the email will be. However, newly created Teams are not getting the Office 365 Group anymore. Instead, email for the group is now stored in SharePoint.


My queries are below

1. Where my channel conversation stored?

2. If it is stored in a group mailbox, can it be accessible?

3. If MS allowing users to use Teams with mailbox(as mentioned above) then how the conversation is stored?


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You got some stuff wrong here :)

Creating a Team will always provision a Office 365 group! Then and now :) and mails to that group is still stored in that group mailbox as always!

Channel conversations is stored in a Azure instance for the chat service and also in the group mailbox as a hidden folder for compliance reasons! This folder is not meant to be accessed by users! You can search this folder via ediscovery and content search, for as I said compliance reasons!

What you may have been confused with is that before the outlook group showed automatically in Outlook when you created a team from Teams! Now it’s hidden by default from Outlook! (When created from the Teams app)
Storage wise it’s the same as always! Mails in exchange , and files in SharePoint!