What does the setting 'Register Teams as the chat app for Office' mean?

Tomas Sandkvist
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Found this setting but can't find any related article in the help center either. Can someone shed some light on what it means?

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Where before within the office application, you pressed a button to initiate a Skype chatt, Teams now starts.
For example: you Hoover the the user in outlook and see the contact card. If you now press the messaging button , it will now start teams instead of s4b


All of my users are getting prompted for admin credentials because of this setting. Can this be set via GPO or another way so we don't have to log onto each users machine?



Do we know if this is rolled out for the MAC version of Teams?  I have colleagues in my org on Macs reporting they don't see it.

Luke did you ever find a solution for this?  I'm running into the same issue and not finding anything on how this can be enabled administratively.  I found some related registry keys but from my testing it seems to be a more complex interaction than just editing a key. 

So after enabling this feature in Teams, the message feature in Outlook opened a Skype for Business chat window rather than taking me to Teams. So I restarted Outlook and now the message icon is greyed out and non-functional. Anyone have any insight into this phenomenon?

I have the same problem.  I checked the box in Teams, then closed out of everything.  Now when I go to Outlook I can't click the messaging icon.

We run S4B on prem so maybe that has something to do with it?


Update: Never mind.  It started working a minute or two after I posted.  I guess it just took a bit.

It also doesn't seem to work if you click "Reply All with IM"; Teams gains focus from Outlook, but it doesn't initiate either a new chat window with both users, or connect to an existing chat/thread with the individuals on the email thread.


Perhaps more urgently; do we have any mechanism to prevent this (or, reenforce Skype as the handler for this, regardless of if the user checks the box)?

Is there a way to enable the feature via GPO?

No, but they need to make this a global setting soon I hope


Well that blows!


Is there a registry key at least to enable the feature?

The general idea is that your gonna set all users to Teams only mode, which also make teams the only app for chat!


Teams is our business app for chat 

What co-existance mode do you have set for your users? islands?

On a related note, we are running in Islands mode and we tested some "Teams Only" users this week. We ran into a documented limitation where you cannot initiate chat, calls, or meetings with any non-Teams users. Initiating any communication with these users results in an email to them suggesting that they install Teams. Since we are not ready to roll this out org wide we had to roll back those few users to Islands mode.


Hope this helps anyone else who is thinking of making this change.

Hi @jstntym_42 ,


If most of your users are not using Teams yet, I would recommend changing your organization-wide coexistence mode to "Skype for Business only". That way, if you move some users into Teams-Only mode, they can still communicate with your SfB-only users.


Note that if you do have some users who you want to be able to use both SfB and Teams, you will want to apply a per-user Coexistence Mode setting of "Islands" to those users.

@Luke Johnson  did you got a solution to this problem. How can we have this setting enabled without having users to enter admin creds?

I'm having the same issue here, even though I have already selected Teams as the application for IM and have restarted Windows.

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