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Donovon Dildine

With T-Bot apparently gone, is there another location or website where we can get the same breakdown of information about features with the version we are on? Thank you

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Thanks, sadly this is missing some of the detailed information and more frequent info that T-Bot provided, also T-bot could tell you specifically to the version you had. So without that, then hoping there was a place that our version could be compared to a list of specific changes. 

Hi @Donovon Dildine,

It's even worse in the Teams Desktop Client which seems to be last updated on 13th November 2018 in the section What's new as opposed to the link Steven sent!

There is a uservoice open for this here

I think its a good to understand what has changed based upon the version. But also, some changes to Teams don't occur due to Version Changes. For example, Shifts was introduced without an update to the actual version of the Desktop App.

There isn't a great amount of visibility or one authoritative source of information on this.

Perhaps it's something to also raise at a future AMA?

Best, Chris

T-Bot was never very frequent and it wasn't aware of your tenants specific provisioning state. These release notes are far more regularly updated. There aren't any other release notes.



Odd, ours was much more detailed and had frequent updates each version, more than what that site shows. A shame it is gone 

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