Use Audio Conference in Teams without activating SfB

Helder SILVA
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We are currently studying the opportunity to subscribe for Audio Conference licenses to use in Teams.

Teams is already deployed to all our users and we decided to not deploy Skype for Business services (SfB Plan 2 is deactivated) as we want users to exclusively Teams services instead ok Skype.


I bought on test tenant an AudioConference license and tried to activate it and I've been faced to this problem : to activate AudioConference license to a user (from the licenses interface), the user must be licensed for SfB Plan 2.

Same problem if I try to activate AudioConferencing from the Skype admin center : only SfB Plan 2 users are available for AudioConference applying.


My question is : can I activate Audio Conference system for users in Teams without giving them access to Skype services (Skype service, Skype Web App, Skype component in OWA etc...) ?

It looks complicated and information is not clear about this point.


By the way, my collaborators are licensed on Office365 E1 license.

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Not yet, many of the features that are still in transition still piggy back off some of the old Skype for Business framework, so the users still have to be provisioned etc. Best you can do is go in and set the csinterop policies to all be Teams to get the most Teams centric experience, but you can't really lock Skype for Business out completely just yet.

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