Uploaded documents by Guests

Ben Van de Pol
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Uploaded documents by Guests

When a company user shares a file within a private chat, it's uploaded to that person's ODfB, when a person shares a file in a Team chat (channel) it's uploaded to the respective folder in the SharePoint library.


Now when a guest performs those actions where is the document stored for both scenario's, since a guest doesn't have a OneDrive and SharePoint license?

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Re: Uploaded documents by Guests

A guest user can still upload files in a Team. Because he/she is an external user, a SharePoint license is not required. But that same guest user cannot upload files in Teams from OneDrive, because the user doesn't have a OneDrive in that tenant. So the file upload dialog shows less options:



The uploaded file shows the external guest user as modified by user:


Now for Chat it doesn't work that way. Since the external user indeed doesn't have a OneDrive license, the user cannot share files in a Chat. The paperclip icon just isn't there:


Interestingly enough, that also works the other way around. When an internal user starts a chat with an external user, that file upload option is not available either. Kind of makes sense of course, but on the other hand you could expect a folder created in the OneDrive of the internal user starting the Chat conversation that is shared with the external user. I guess Microsoft didn't want to discriminate ;-) Or they took into account that external sharing settings for OneDrive could differ from the Team in question and that this could result in strange behaviour, makes more sense actually :-)


Re: Uploaded documents by Guests

Hi Maarten,

Thank you for your reply. It's very helpful!
The reason I asked this question was because I thought I heard on an Ignite session that the shared files of a guest are stored in Azure BLOB storage.

Re: Uploaded documents by Guests

That is just the stickers and memes that are used in conversations. Those are stored in a media store, which is in fact Azure storage.

Re: Uploaded documents by Guests

Good clarification. But not being able to share files in a 1:1 chat seems like a weakness. Is there any workaround (email right?) or have you heard of any plans for MS to solve this another way? 

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