Unable to upload Word document to folder

Rebecca Hill
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Hi everyone, 


One of our users is unable to upload a Word document to a folder in the 'Files' tab.

She is able to click upload > select the document > Open

When she clicks Open she then sees an error message (small purple banner) at the bottom of the screen. The banner contains the file name repeated twice with a red exclamation mark in a circle. When she tries to click on the error message it disappears with no pop up window explaining the error. 
upload error screenshot.jpg










Other users are able to upload to this folder, they are even able to upload that exact document. 

Has anyone experienced this before?

Kind regards, 


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Hi Bec


You have this replicated in another post here. You may want to delete one post so responders can focus on one post.


I can think of two things which may contribute to issues in this scenario:


1. Does she have the SharePoint access rights to upload files?

2. Was the document opened in Word when she tried to upload? (If yes, try closing the file and upload again).


If it's not this we can explore the next possible issues.




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