Unable to hear audio when sharing a video in a Teams meeting

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We are trying to show a video about Teams from Ignite in a Teams meeting. Three attendees tried sharing their screen and playing the video, but no one could hear the sound. One of the attendees said it was his understanding that a video would need to be embedded in a PowerPoint document and played from PowerPoint, is that true?

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That is true for Skype for Business as it uploads to the Office Web Apps or Office Onlinr Server. Not sure how Teams handles it.

Just like Skype, Teams sends the audio from your headset etc into the meeting, not the sounds from your PC. If it didn't every meeting would be ruined with a cacophony of mail alerts, other phone calls etc. etc.


So, how do you play videos if you really must? Two options :-


1. Enable the Stereo Mix on your laptop, (instructions here). Stereo Mix is a special recording device that pipes your laptop sounds into something that looks like a microphone. In Teams, start your meeting then under the cog for settings select Stereo Mix as your mic just before you play the video. You'll be muted but your videos audio would enter the meeting in your place.

2. Use a webcasting tool like ManyCam, this create a 'virtual' webcam and mic that you can select in Teams, then in the ManyCam app you can mix together between your own video and audio, playback videos, pictures, all sorts.


Either way it's a lot of effort, if it's for a casual requrement I would send them a link to watch alone, but it is possible. We use ManyCam with our Skype Broadcasts to allow us to mix and cut sounds and videos from multiple cameras into one stream, it works well.



@Steven Collier, thanks for this.  I'd still like to have the ability in both Teams and SfB to play sound and video during a presentation especially with our weekly staff briefings done on Surface Hubs.  Is ManyCam available in the App store?  As that is only place we can add apps for the Surface Hub.

No you cant install it on SurfaceHub, thats a locked down device that is intended for a single set of purposes.


You could join from a laptop, then with the approaches play your videos etc and you would get them to appear on the surfacehub.



@Steven Collier, Thanks!  I may look at that option.

Hi Steven,


Stereo Mixer does not seem to be supported by the Lenovo Soundcard. Is there any other workaround besides buying an external software (ManyCam)?


Furthermore , are there plans to improve this feature and if yes, would you have a timeline to share?


Thank you,


Kind regards,


It's something that is supposed to come to Broadcast meeting as they migrate from Skype to Teams, you can see the features they expect at


Teams broadcast is due by the end of June, I have no idea how close they will be to making that, and if the 'media clip' function will be in the initial version.

Hi Steven,

Many thanks for the quick and detailed reply.

Kind regards,

Resurrecting this conversation since this is a recurring question at my organization as well.  I understand the points about desktop sounds interrupting audio, but they're a lot simpler to turn off than trying to instruct a user on how to use one of the other solutions like ManyCam.  ManyCam is great for a produced event, but not really for your every day collaboration meeting.  


Interestingly, Polycom Group Series with the Skype for Business interop license can inject content audio into the meeting from a connected PC.  It would be great to see this added to Skype / Teams meetings in the future.



The option to share "System Sound" just appeared in Teams. I'm a Microsoft employee and have elite access on top of that. But feature is live on internal builds.

With that said I do not have a date for general availability. I would check Teams uservoice (just search for "Teams uservoice " and look for the feature to stay updated.

Hope this news makes the wait a little more promising.

@Erik Olsson It does.  I just want to know it's on the way.  As long as it gets here, I'm happy.


I have followed the instructions offered by to use Stereo Mix as my recording device and activate it to present my computer audio - in this instance video audio - from a movie embedded into a PowerPoint presentation, but to no avail. In a number of tests the members of my Teams meeting could not hear the audio of the movie, only see it as I shared my screen. 


Am I missing something in my use of Stereo Mix? Has anyone else used this option for sharing computer audio and been successful?


My thanks, davejb.

@davejb I've tried this as well and haven't gotten it to work.

@Erik Olsson wrote:
With that said I do not have a date for general availability. I would check Teams uservoice (just search for "Teams uservoice " and look for the feature to stay updated.

This can't come fast enough.  Is there any way for a customer to get on an insider build and test this out?

@Erik Olsson , where do you see this setting?

@Christine Lovejoy, hearing audio in a Teams meeting is coming soon.  According to Microsoft it will start rolling out in early June.  "Sharing system audio is a new Microsoft Teams feature. We'll begin rolling this feature out soon.  This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 50692."

Hello @Jeffrey Allen 

I am happy to say TEAMS now as a checkbox to the left, just above the screen options after clicking the Share icon, whereby computer audio can now be chosen for sharing. I have successfully used this new and long awaited feature, which so well complements our online meetings.


Gratefully, DaveJB.




I look forward to trying this out. Just need to wait for the update I guess.

Thanks Dave, what version of Teams do you have as I don't have that feature yet.

Does anyone know if the ability to play audio through a Teams meeting will work with the Teams for Surface Hub app?  We have weekly Skype for Business staff meetings that include two Surface Hubs and that would be awesome if it worked through the Teams app on the Surface Hub.

@Erik Olsson 


Hi Erik;


My organisation did the migration from Skype for business to Teams yesterday.  I have one question. If MS was not ready for the migration why did they do it?


We have a weekly corporate meeting every Wednesday on Skype for business which had to be cancelled because the audio didn't work.  The Video worked fine, but audio was only one way.  We need to know is there an immediate fix for this?  If yes, where can we find it?, and if no, then what is our alternative solution until it is fixed?

When clicking the share screen button, the checkbox "Include system audio" is at the top left. Impossible to miss if you have it.
It's show as a checkbox "Include system audio" at your top left when you're choosing which screen/window to share.

Works perfectly for me! Please know that I'm on a internal Microsoft build not yet GA (General Availability).

Hello @Jeffrey Allen 


This from my version of Teams:

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64 bit). It was last updated on 24/05/2019.


My thanks, DaveJB

Thanks Dave! I don't have that version and when I check for updates, it says I have the latest so I'll wait for it to roll out.

Hi All..

I have version 64bit. Stil I do not see the option. 

So i need some further assistance.

Thanks, Vincent.

I believe the version needs to be Microsoft Teams Version which is newer than the one you have. I have the same version as you and don't have it yet.
Thanks Jeffrey Allen. I understand now. Somewhat strange though, it says it upgraded 05-31-19. We have to wait for that upgrade I guess.

Hi @Erik Olsson i have Microsoft Teams Version and unfortunately i do not have the audio option available, do you have any idea when this feature will be available for people outside of the MS internal environment? 


Hey @darren73 and everyone else
feature share system audio in teams.PNG
You can all follow this link for any updates on dates:

I'd just like to point out that I'm not part of any feature Dev team for Microsoft Teams. Just a friendly guy working with digitalization strategies at Microsoft. 

As a reference point: My internal Teams build today is: (64-bit).
It's not just about the build number. I'm on internal Microsoft-version.

Hold on and keep leveraging forums like this and Uservoice! The Dev teams are actively looking there. It's a real thing, works perfectly for me and I'm using it weekly.

@Jeffrey Allen in your case, it's likely that this feature becomes available in the regular teams app prior to the "Teams for Surface Hub" app. Then I'd just have someone join your Surface Hub meetings from a laptop and share their screen with sound. Video with sound will then play on all hubs and other devices. 

So theoretically, you are in the clear :)

@davejbI have that version but have no button or pop up giving an option to share system audio.  Does anyone know if there are some other settings hidden somewhere?

@Erik Olsson Thanks for the update on the new feature! Our employee training relies on Teams as a meeting-sharing platform so we can reach out out-of-town employees. The training is becoming more reliant on videos as training aids. Needless to say, we are looking forward to this new feature roll-out.

@Erik Olsson 


This is so frustrating. 


I expect this at the end of June based on the road map.  I told my clients that is when it would be delivered. 


I'm losing sales because people aren't happy that this feature isn't included in our version like it is on the internal Microsoft version.




The embedding of a video clip in a PPT is indeed a Skype thing. An embedded clip will not play audio over the TEAMS meeting. The person playing the video will hear it, but no one else, and the audio isn't captured in the recording either.

@Erik Olsson Does this feature apply to both Windows and Mac? (I can only see screenshots for windows)


Would be great to see it on the Mac to avoid using custom mixing software to route system audio through the mic channel.

@imbimp  Erik, all I can say is...TEAMS is a MS product. When have you ever seen a MS product work as well (or even "at all") in the Mac environment? I suppose some day....

We use the Logitech SmartDock with Teams and it would be wonderful if this option was available for HDMI presentations.

@Erik Olsson 


are people seeing this feature working yet? The roadmap item shows that it has progressed into Rollout status, but we're not seeing it working yet?

@Don Pickard, In Windows, we are seeing it.  It is not available on Mac or iOS at this point and not on the Surface Hub.  I'm not sure about Android.

Also, it works really well and sounds great in Windows.

@Jeffrey Allen I am seeing it too as of today. Only in the standard TEAMS platform, not TEAMS Live Events. Still, this is real progress!

@Robbie365 @Jeffrey Allen  Would someone mind posting a screenshot of where you see the share system audio option?


I have teams version and it looks like it was updated on 9/3, but I am not seeing this as an option when I share my screen(unless I am just missing it).
I currently have a Zoom subscription specifically for this functionality and would really like to cancel once this is available in Teams.


@AlexFarquharson, Here are the two locations that you can click to add system audio.  See where it says include system audio. The first I highlighted in yellow and it is the pop up menu after you've shared and the first is where you can share.Teams_sys_audio2.pngTeams_sys_audio.png

@Jeffrey AllenPerfect!  That worked great.  I was trying to share from a chat session to test, but I was just on a meeting and was able to test.  Audio quality worked great.  Appreciate the info.

Glad you found it and it works.

@Jeffrey Allen 


We found it for Windows, but the latest version for Mac still doesn't have it.

@Ron Bonham, yeah, I don't think the Mac version has been released yet.

Does anyone have info on when the same funtionality (share system audio) will be available in a Teams Live Event?  Seems like availability in Teams meetings and Live Event ought to be in parallel given that the Live Event interface seems to be just a 'special' sort of Teams meeting



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