The Calls & Meetings API is now the Microsoft Graph Communications API, SDK package names updated

Tom Morgan

As the newest API and SDK pair for performing programmatic actions on Microsoft Teams calls makes its way from Public Preview to Generally Available, there are some changes happening to bring it more into line with the other Graph APIs.


Firstly, it has a new name. I much prefer this one, it’s more succinct and abstract, and means that when new features are added that aren’t specific to calls or meetings, it won’t look strange.


There are some other changes as well. These might well be breaking changes to existing applications, or if they aren’t, there will still be things you should do.


NuGet Package names have changed

That’s right – the way you get the SDK has changed. These are the new package names you should use:

Original NuGet package New NuGet package
Microsoft.Graph.Calls Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Calls
Microsoft.Graph.Calls.Media Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Calls.Media
Microsoft.Graph.CoreSDK Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Core
Microsoft.Graph.StatefulClient Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Client
Microsoft.Graph.Core.Stateful Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Common

The previous versions have been marked with the [Obselete] decorator, meaning that if you continue to use them, they will work…but you’ll receive a warning: Compiler Warning (level 2) CS0618.

Namespace names have changed

There have also been some changes to Namespaces. For instance, the IStatefulClient is now ICommunicationsClient. This will likely involve some rework to your code:


Original namespace New namespace
Microsoft.Graph.CoreSDK Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Core
Microsoft.Graph.Core Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Common
Microsoft.Graph.StatefulClient Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Client
Microsoft.Graph.Calls Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Calls
Microsoft.Graph.Calls.Media Microsoft.Graph.Communications.Calls.Media
IStatefulClient ICommunicationsClient
StatefulClientBuilder CommunicationsClientBuilder

(Some) Attributes and Method Names have changed

Again, likely to break your code on an update. These changes are mostly cosmetic and bring the naming standards in line with the rest of Graph:


Deprecated items Replacement
AudioRoutingGroup.Owner no longer used
Call.Error Call.ResultInfo
Call.Transfer(TransferTarget,…) Call.Transfer(TransferTarget)
CommsOperation.ErrorInfo CommsOperation.ResultInfo
MeetingParticipantInfo.SipProxyAddress no longer used
OnlineMeeting.CanceledTime OnlineMeeting.CanceledDateTime
OnlineMeeting.CreationTime OnlineMeeting.CreationDateTime
OnlineMeeting.EndTime OnlineMeeting.EndDateTime
OnlineMeeting.ExpirationTime OnlineMeeting.ExpirationDateTime
OnlineMeeting.MeetingInfo OnlineMeeting.Participants.Organizer
OnlineMeeting.StartTime OnlineMeeting.StartDateTime
Participant.SubscribeVideoAsync Call.GetLocalMediaSession().VideoSocket.Subscribe

Where to get this new SDK from?

The right place to download this SDK and all its sub-parts is NuGet. If you’re not familiar with it, NuGet is a nice easy way to load in external references to your code. There’s no MSI to install and you can control everything from within Visual Studio.


Read more on my blog: https://blog.thoughtstuff.co.uk/2018/11/the-calls-meetings-api-is-now-the-microsoft-graph-communicat...


ref: https://github.com/microsoftgraph/microsoft-graph-comms-samples/blob/master/changelog.md

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