Teams vs. Skype for Business

Prakash P C
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Hi All,


Can anyone please suggest your opinion on Skype V/s Team -and please share any good document/url which talks about the comparison between Skype and Teams. I am looking for a document which provide feature wise comparison.

As we all know, currently MS teams has many limitations and Known issues. I am interested to know about the tentative start date of the availability of those features in Teams (which is not available at the moment). Please suggest if you find any good documentation/url in this regard.




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Hi PC,

two sources that are coming to my mind are:
Luca Vitali SfB/Teams comparison sheet
The Skype to Teams Roadmap from MS

Hope this helps,



I don't think that you should be looking as these apps as competitors, it is not one or the other, Teams offers many things that Skype does not and the Skype calling and messaging functionality is getting moved into Teams every month.

This could be helpful https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/journey-skypeforbusiness-teams

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