Teams on a vertical oriented monitor

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Hello, I was trying to use Teams on a vertically oriented monitor (1080x1920), but the video does not act in a way I would expect. Instead of stacking two video feeds it puts them side by side squishing and cutting them off. I attached what I'm seeing. When sharing a document Teams shows the live video in a small thumbnail, but that is too small to be useful in a conference room environment (where we also have a vertical screen next to our large horizontal screen)

I would like to see Teams arrange the video windows in a stacked manner and handle the resolution better.


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@mprodywus I can see that making sense with 2 video feeds, but what about 3 or 4 ? I doubt there is going to be a nice way to show landscape video on a portrait screen.

Teams not built to work on a vertical screen in this manner! Neither will it be very useful in larger meetings but I created a uservoice for this for you and other to vote for:



If aspect ratio was maintained then shrunk to fit the real estate it would work

Your statement "Neither will it be very useful in larger meetings" is this separate from the vertical monitor issue?

Microsoft Teams is shown in multiple marketing pieces to be used in conference rooms. What should I be using instead?

No, it wasn’t separated! Teams works fine for larger meetings too :)

I might be clueless, but I’ve never actually seen someone using a vertical screen in any conferencing room ?

@adam deltinger We mounted a screen that vertically matches the same height as the main screen while mounted vertically. With our previous conferencing solution we were able to pop out the video windows and put them on the auxiliary vertical screen while still seeing our content full screen on the main horizontal screen.

Go vote for that uservoice 👍
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