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Nick DeAngelo
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I have a couple of O365 groups that are focused around development and /or project management.  Is it possible to add these groups to multiple teams?  For example if I create a team for ProjectA, it might include my dev group, but they might also be part of ProjectB as well....thank  youl

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No, it is not possible to connect one Group to multiple Teams.

Salvatore is absolutely correct!
So you weren't exactly clean on the request but were you talking just from a Group membership perspective? You can add one group to another for adding in users but after that it's individual users. You can however if you have Azure P1 licensing setup dynamic group membership and have one group membership be updated automatically from another.

Hi Christopher - sorry if I wasn't clear - for example, I have an O365 group, I want to add that group to multiple Teams, can I do that?   Are you saying that an O365 group can be a member of another O365 group?  That might solve my problem as well.

Only for adding member, it won't Keep that membership up to date. That's where azure premium and using dynamic group membership stuff comes into play, it's basically a job that sync's people based on conditions into your group. So you can tell it, Take Dev Group, check the membership, and make sure those members are in the Project A group, or remove them if they get removed etc.

But unfortunately, you can't just use a group only since Teams accepts it for adding people, but it just expands the group members out and adds the individuals when you click on add :P.

oh, so if I tell Teams to use O365 Group "A", it just grabs the users (at that moment in time) from Group "A" and adds them to the team?  is that right?

Yup. And looking at that Dynamic groups membership into more detail doesn't look like it would work with Teams either :(. Sorry if I got your hopes up a little! Been looking at the feature and figured it would work but doesn't seem like it would.

:( confirmed 


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