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After enabling the Register teams as the chat app for office in Teams, will the history be saved in "Conversation history" after the change? 


A while back, when Lync was used, all the messages were saved in Outlook instead of in the cloud. so I was need to know if the chat-history is saved in outlook after you enable Teams as the chat-app. 



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No and yes 

They will be stored in a hidden folder in outlook ( users mailbox for 1:1 chat and group mailbox for conversations ) This is for compliance reasons only and can be fetched through the content search in the security and compliance center! So it's not meant for reading!


Read more here:



It doesn't require the option, by default messages get stored in a new hidden folder in Outlook for compliance reasons as Adam suggests. The chat history can be accessed in the client indefinitely.

Thanks guys!  Can you let me know what the path is?

You can only access via compliance search(or mapi tools), not through the Outlook client. The folder is located in the same sub folder the conversation history is just next to it, can't recall of the top of my head.
Yeah, I believe it’s a subfolder of the conversations folder! The link I provided I believe has the path!


Yeah I know but there is nothing under conversation history thats why 

Correct! This is a hidden folder, only accessible with tools or with content search!
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