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Unfortunately, before the new free 1 year trial for Teams for existing Office 365 subscribers, I signed up for Teams (free) using a Microsoft account. A few of my coworkers have been testing out Teams with me and now wondering what can be done to migrate what we have to our existing Office 365 subscription (with Teams 1 year free trial). The "Upgrade" button seems to stop short and abandoning after telling me that we have an existing Office 365 subscription and won't move forward to any of the subsequent migration steps. What can be done?

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Hi @Carlon_iptech,

Referring to this article here

Most still applies. There is no tool out there which can wholly migrate Teams today between tenants. As Juan says in that article for moving files you should be able to use any of the well known tools around SharePoint migration: Metalogix, Sharegate, etcs. Unfortunately, there are not tools currently to move conversations from one tenant to another tenant.

I guess part of considering such a tenant to tenant migration would be deciding what can you migrate and the other is what are you prepared to abandon in the old tenant or migrate manually. Chats can't be moved. Wiki's can't be moved but can be copied. Files can be moved manually or with migration tool. Apps (some) can be re-logged into from the new tenant. If elements like teams and channels are able to be rebuilt in a reasonable amount of time and the files you added to the site are few then it would be easier to do manually then investing in the overhead of a migration tool.

Hope that makes sense and helps answer your question.

Best, Chris
I think that clarifies it. I just wanted to exhaust all possibilities to see if we can migrate what little we have. Fortunately, I did anticipate that we may have to abandon the free organization. Thanks!
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