Teams custom status: is there a way to update it via API?

Vesa Nopanen
Teams custom status message just rolled to clients. Is there a way to update the status via Graph (or other ) API, calling the client / updating a file or any other non manual way currently / nearby?

It would open up interesting possiblities to update statuses (off duty, on duty for example).
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Interesting question! Following...


Interesting indeed. I found a little gotcha in the custom status.

Change it in the windows/mac app, and a browser won't see the status at all.

Change the status in the browser, then windows/mac app will honor that status.

Change the status again in the app, the browser plays dumb.

Sounds like a perfect question for the Teams Developer AMA on the 14th!

Best, Chris
So the sync is not fully rolled in yet - or there are some issues. Good to know - thanks!
Indeed! I will add this!
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