Teams chat retention policy applied to all email folders without retention tags

Calum Steen
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In EOL, we've set a retention policy with retention tags on Inbox, Deleted items, Junk mail. This was all fine.


We recently set a 12 month retention policy on Teams Chat and found that Chat policy was set on Sent Item and Archive!


It's looking like the Teams chat policy is being applied to email folders where no Retention Tags are defined in Exchange Online. Surely this isn't expected behavior

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Teams Policies will never delete data other than Teams data inside the mailbox. This is by design and enforced in Code written inside the Exchange MFA. There is an outlook bug that makes it seems that a Teams retention policy is applied at a folder level. 


This is causing confusion, and thanks for raising it. We are working with the Outlook Team to get this fixed.


Please attach screenshots if you can. 



Ansuman | Teams Security and Compliance

CHatRet.jpgChat policy setChatPolicy.jpgOutlook folder has Chat Policy when no tag set in EOL retention policyFPolicy.pngCorrect policy applied as retention tag set in EOL retention policy

Seems this bug is still around as I'm seeing the same (problematic) symtoms now.
Is there any work around as this is spooking my users?
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