Teams chat is not being stored in Conversation History in Outlook

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Important for us to make the full switch to teams... ISSUE in skype for business. if a message is sent to a coworker, and they miss it, or are offline. it gets fwd to Missed conversation in there email folder. and if they do get it.... great... there still saved in there email conversation folder, (Genius who every did this) all this from skype for business, BUT... TEAMS need to work the exact SAME way please, WHY? of course we all can reply or open all team message all the time, when were on line, but sometimes we are offline, (having a real time in person meeting), or we are on a flight over the US and the plane does not have WIFI, everyone trained to use messages and are so use to me and others being available on SKYPE and TEAMS.... VIA pc or laptop or Phone all using TEAMS.. cool... but... in this case we are not do to Flight or Lunch or Driving home, THEN at that time, they send message anyway. and we have NO way of knowing or getting or see that message, once we log in to TEAMS... nor are email. because there is no missed conversation to email from TEAMS, nor a missed conversation flag or tab in TEAMS, (that would be better) but let not reinvent, you already have it GREAT in SKYPE for business, so lets follow using that. ISSUE 2 next. not every one in our org, gets to use TEAMS. some have to stay on skype for business, and send us messages, it would be nice to be a TEAMS member if you are, and you then don't have to have Skype for business open AND TEAMS too. as they both feed to the some Missed conversation folder, Please Please think about it.

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When you miss an conversation you will get an email notification with information about this. Check the settings in the menu by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner in Teams and you can select how often you want these emails sent to you.

image.pngWhen you start Teams client after being away or offline you will see notifications in the Activity section of Teams, so you wont miss anything. I doubt there will any change so that chats are saved to Conversation history folder in Outlook but there is some other users that want that so you can also vote for that on Uservoice.


There is no Offline feature available yet but in the Uservoice for teams it is listed as "on the backlog", if you want a offline function for Teams please wote on it.




My eyes hurt.....what Linus said is pretty much spot on. If things are important for offline then it should be in email. Messages go into the mailbox and I’m not sure why they are hidden but probabaly do you can’t delete them would be my guess.

Anyway. You don’t have to have Skype open if your a teams user. Look into coexistence or upgrade modes. You set your users to TeamsOnly mode then they have no need to be logged into Skype for business and all messages go to teams.
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