Teams cannot commuicate to Skype personal after upgrade. How to rollback to Skype for Business?

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After upgrading from Skype for Business to Teams, the pre-existing external Skype users (personal) cannot be communicated anymore.  It's now affecting our business.

1) Is it possible to use Teams to communicate to external Skype user (personal)?

2) How to rollback to Skype for Business?



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normally you should be able to use teams to chat with externals. But you need to readd the people you previously contacted with skype.

with powershell you should be able to set the mode you want to work in:


AFAIK you can't communicate with personal Skype users from Teams.. This was on the roadmap but was later cancelled


You could change your co-existance mode with powershell and via the teams and skype admin portal

If it is personal as in outlook you are right if it is personal as in another office365 organisation you should be able to do it.

Another blog about externals in skype


I found this setting in a client's Teams admin console today.



@Craig Arnoldt 

I have this setting too but we are still unable to chat with skype Consumers

Skype Consumer is not supported in Microsoft Teams. This is just a new topic that has gone from rejected to Thinking about it status in User Voice.

@Craig Arnoldt that setting relates to Skype clients, not Teams currently.

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