Teams Video layout??

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I was just wondering if there is anyway to alter the video layout in teams? Whenever we have a meeting that involves a room of people, it only shows half of the room (on the left)...


If i come out of the meeting so the video is only shown on the small window, you can see the full room (so the full video is being transmitted).

Is there anyway to force teams to show the full frame rather than half the room as its making teams unusable for anything other than when a user is using their own device.




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Hi @therealdj

Currently a uservoice open for this. At the moment its on the backlog which means that it is on the radar but is behind other high priority items

Would recommend you vote for this - it will keep you updated on the status

There has been a lot of feedback about this aspect being limited: there needs to be a lot more flexibility to have a layout as is needed and not defined by things such as the number of participants using video on the call.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@therealdj In general I really like the user experience of Teams audio/video calls and prefer it to Skype. However, I agree with you on this one - it feels really odd that Microsoft haven't improved this yet to enable some level of flexibility with the layouts of each of the video participants. This is one of the areas where Skype seems to do a better job.

Hopefully they will address it pretty soon as otherwise I fear it will impact on the adoption of Teams for video conferencing.

@Christopher Hoard 

This layout thing is epically horrible. It splits the camera when in side-by-side so you can only see half the room. Total and complete failure/oversight on Microsoft's part. This has been on the back burner for WAY too long, and as I result we're abandoning Teams in favor of another solution.

Even if the individual participant turns off their video, they still take up space and cause this problem.

That should be the easiest aspect to fix, because it doesn't require custom or smart layout.


Did you find an alternate solution? 

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