Teams Recording permissions - will this change?

Larry Goldfield
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Teams Recording permissions - will this change?

According to an MS document (link below), any 'person from same org' can start/stop a recording in a meeting.   Since there is only 1 (cloud) recording per meeting, this seems to open up a real vulnerability, especially in a large meeting.


We count on and publish recordings from many of our medium/large meetings and the Teams recording approach would make it difficult to get a solid recording in many meetings.


Any idea if there are changes planned - like the organizer locking down the recording for example?






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Re: Teams Recording permissions - will this change?

Why would someone stop the recording? I've had this feature for quite a while in the early tests and it's never been an issue. In general no one stops the recording, and it ends automatically after everyone leaves.


There is a massive banner when recording starts or stops, and you can restart the recording, you just end up with multiple videos posted.

Re: Teams Recording permissions - will this change?

Thanks @Steven Collier, glad to hear that it hasn't been a problem, I hope we'll have the same experience.



Re: Teams Recording permissions - will this change?

Meh, I think something to prevent it from being stopped is a good thing. Obviously you could use something else to just record your meeting if it's that important but would rather not use another tool to do something simple and just make sure it doesn't get interrupted.
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