Teams Meeting Disappearing from Mobile App

Peter Girling
New Contributor

I have done a load of searches trying to find an answer for this issue - no luck so far.


My company has a recurring weekly teams meeting set up for first thing Monday morning.  The meeting is visible in the meetings tab in the mobile app during the days leading up to the meeting.


However on the morning of the meeting, when first opening the mobile app the meeting is visible for less than half a second, then immediately disappears from the list of today's meetings, and can no longer be found anywhere in the mobile app.  It remains visible in the desktop client as usual.


This disappearing meeting only seems to happen to this one recurring meeting series.   Other meetings seem unaffected.  I have tried deleting and re-creating the weekly meeting series, to no avail.


Any ideas what may be causing this disappearing act from the mobile app?   Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hi Peter,

Hope you are well. It sounds like a support issue, however I would ask

1.) Are any of the other meetings recurring ones? Does this happen to any other recurring meetings on the device?
2.) Does it contain anything like attachments, different font or anything that may distinguish it from the others
3.) Does the meeting title have any special characters?
4.) Where did you book the meeting? Through Outlook?
5.) Have you tried reinstalling the mobile app itself?
6.) Does it disappear for all users on the mobile app?
7.) Does it disappear on all mobile devices (I.e. Androids/IPhones)
8.) Have you tried booking a recurring meeting in another slot and then changing it to this one?
9.) Does the meeting contain only users within your organisation?

Best, Chris

Hi Chris,


thanks for the thoughts.  It is puzzling because it is a fairly simple situation, only internal people from the company, no special characters, scheduled from within Teams desktop client, and only happening on one device to this one particular meeting.

You have given me some more issues to test out with your answer - I will work through a group of different scenarios and see if I can narrow it down.

Thanks again!


Thanks Pete, hope it helped!

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Best, Chris