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Chris Cooper
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We have recently migrated all our users from SfB to Teams , and one of my users now is unable to dial out to external phone numbers?

He has a E3 licence, Phone system, Domestic calling plan, Communication credits licences applied, and had his phone number assigned, but he has no dial pad in Teams.

He is able to receive external calls to his Teams phone number? 

I have logged him onto another PC and signed into Teams but the same happens there is no dial pad.

The teams desktop app settings >Calls > has no call answering rules available as if there is no licence assigned.

Has anyone seen this before?


rayb no dial pad.png

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@Chris Cooper 
Check if the Azure AD Object is actually EV enabled in Azure AD (I have had this and seems/think to be an intermittent issue with provisioning an EV Teams user in the O365)

2019-03-26 - Remote Desktop Connection.png


If you find this is false then please run:
Get-CsOnlineUser <SIP Address of Effected Teams Users> | Set-CsUser -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true

@Mehmet_Kocak Thanks Mehmet, I'm having issues running the powershell command in your screen grab, what module are you connecting to in powershell, how are you connecting to check if the Azure AD Object is actually EV enabled in Azure AD?

Many thanks

No worries, if you follow this link it explains how to connect

Then if you run just get-csonlineuser <sip address> | select "*voice*","*team*"
Check if the enterprise voice is enabled, and other settings matches expectation compared to your other users that is working

@Mehmet_Kocak  Hi Mehmet, I was following this conversation but it looks like it did not progress. I have upgraded few users to "Teams Only" but we noticed that our dialpad is missing as well hence, we cant make external calls. Ive ran the recommended script above and here's the result.


PS C:\will> Get-CsTeamsInteropPolicy

Identity : Global
AllowEndUserClientOverride : False
CallingDefaultClient : Default
ChatDefaultClient : Default

Identity : Tag:DisallowOverrideCallingTeamsChatTeams
AllowEndUserClientOverride : False
CallingDefaultClient : Teams
ChatDefaultClient : Teams


May I know if this is an app limitation or there is something I need to enable through powershell. 


Please see attached photo for reference.





Heres another screenshot. dial pad is missing

I tried this keyboard shortcuts too but it did not display the dialpad. 



@WilliamTan30Have you EV enabled your Teams users ? (Phone System Licence, and depending how you route your PSTN Calls Direct Routing Voice Routes and/or PSTN Calling Plan Assignment Voice Routes...)
But at a bear min as far as I know you need to EV Enable your Teams users for the dial pad to appear...

@Mehmet_Kocak how would i know if my EV is enabled?

@Mehmet_Kocak if you are refererring to my Enterprisevoiceenabled, yes this feature is on "true". please see screenshot

@Mehmet_Kocak Hi Mehmet, thanks for this, it turned out, my machine was at fault so I had to connect on a different server, the result were all true, thanks for the help with this. 

@Mehmet_Kocak wrote:
No worries, if you follow this link it explains how to connect

Then if you run just get-csonlineuser <sip address> | select "*voice*","*team*"
Check if the enterprise voice is enabled, and other settings matches expectation compared to your other users that is working


EnterpriseVoiceEnabled : True


@Mehmet_Kocak My EVenabled is "True". Please see attached. 

@Mehmet_Kocak Currently our setup is like this;


We do not have a calling plan (Denmark) that's why we are using CCE server to connect our calls to SFB


I have Enterprise e3, Audioconferencing and Phone system licenses.


I hope this would help.


Thank you in advance! :)

I had another user yesterday loose their dial pad over night, he had been working fine for weeks but just over night the dial pad went missing? I'm not sure if its a coincidence or what but I just switched his teams to developer mode which logged him out and logged him back in and that brought the dial pad back for this user, I then switched him back and the dial pad stayed so not sure what was going on but unfortunately this did not work for my original user having the same issue as you. 


@WilliamTan30 So you have OPCH configured (CCE), but your Teams EV Users cannot leverage this feature, as OPCH is only for SfB Online Users consuming telephony via the CCE device, you will need to setup Direct Routing (SIP Trunk between On-prem supported SBC and Teams SBC) and/or use Calling Plans.
I can see that the page shot shows this particular user has not got a CsOnlineVoiceRoute configured which is configuration setting for Teams Direct Routing....
However as a side note sounds like there is some issues in general with the Dial Pad as Chris pointed out above...

@Chris Cooper Thanks for your inputs. This could be an issue or a glitch


@Mehmet_Kocak how can I setup a direct routing for Teams SBC? calling plan is still not available in denmark 

@WilliamTan30Yep! I would recommend you read:

I hope this helps (BTW do not think this is related to your Dial Pad issue and more likely an issue within the MS Teams stack itself)



Just stumbled across this while searching for answers - I lost my dial pad two days ago! I have Direct Routing via AudioCodes SBC. It was working fine and now it’s gone. I have logged into other PCs and it’s not there.

I have other users working fine, but my acct it’s not. Funny thing - dial pad works fine on the iOS Teams app. I’ll have to check my Mac in the morning.

I have moved my acct back to SfB on-prem and then back to Teams...still no dialpad. No explanation for it, but sounds like we’re suffering from the same ‘issue’.

I checked both Mac and PCs this morning; both exhibit the same behavior.  The dialpad and Voicemail tabs are missing in Teams.  I signed out of Teams and back in and still no dialpad/voicemail.   My iPhone, however, still has the dialpad/voicemail.  I can place/receive calls from iOS Teams just fine.

@OmarVegaI wonder if setting EV to false then back to true again gives any difference in behaviour ?
Please bear in mind backend replication can take anywhere from a few mins to 24 hours to apply settings in Azure/O365
(i.e. submit/commit a setting change in Teams at the right time may show up in a teams client a few mins later....not sure what that "right time" is however! - I take a guess that MSFT queues its tenant changes at set intervals into different classes so another our setting change falls in to the higher class for replication or lower class for replication  - This is a total (attempted educated) guess however and could be totally wrong

@Mehmet_Kocak - Good idea; will try that now.   Yeah, I've noticed the same on changes...some take place very quickly and others overnight.   Not always convenient for users waiting on changes.  Hopefully MS will get better with replicating changes.

@OmarVega I have the same issue since two days in a direct routing scenario and nothing seems to get it fixed. User has no dial pad but can receive inbound PSTN calls! I guess it's time for a ticket to MS. Fortunately, we are not production with this system. It's so immature.

@Adrian Gularek I ended up opening a ticket with O365 support yesterday.  Of course, they wanted to do level-1 troubleshooting, which I've already done.  After they saw everything I did, they have escalated the ticket; I'm still waiting to hear from whomever on it.


It's definitely something with my account - what?  I don't know...    Looking at the Teams debug logs (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-1), I see this very early on in the log (and repeated later):


call-contact-card: [updateAudioCallBtn] mri: "8:orgid:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx", isPstnCallingAllowed: false, isAudioCallBtnVisible: true, isToggleOBOMenuBtnVisible: false


I don't know why all of a sudden Teams thinks that PSTN calling is not allowed for my account.  I have two test accounts...that are setup the same way as mine and PSTN calling is true.  Not sure what would have changed over last weekend...everything was working fine until I logged in Monday morning.



@OmarVega I would really appreciate it if you could share the update from Microsoft? Ive been researching for this fix as the recommended steps from microsoft is not working.

@OmarVegaI have also opened a ticket with MS and I can also see I have isPSTNCallingAllowed:false in the log.

@WilliamTan30  I'll definitely post up whatever is found.  Right now, they've been having me collect & send them logs, still no resolution from them.

@Adrian Gularek  They sent me a tool to collect a Fiddler trace...just sent them back the results; hopefully that will offer some insight for them.  Curious if the resolution is the same for all of us...

Have exactly the same issue on my testbed. I was testing with the Voice routing Policy, I removed the existing voice routing policy and assigned a new voice routing policy and then the Dialpad vanished.


Couldn't get the dialpad back since last 18 hours.


This is really not stable and reliable.

@Thangavel MudaliarToday around 12:00 CET my dialpad magically re-appeared (no configuration changes since Wednesday). If we had EV fully on Teams, would users be unable to call for 3 days ? That's scary.

@Adrian Gularek 

Hello Adrian,


I was able to resolve the issue over the weekend by disabling the EV and re-enabling for my test accounts.

Hi@Thangavel Mudaliar Thank you I suspected this may work as mentioned above, hopefully its the same case all others experiencing  this issue!



My Teams dialpad is back.  The only thing I did on Friday before leaving for the day was to change my TeamsUpdatePolicy from 'TeamsOnly' back to 'Islands' - as I was unable to make phone calls all week due to lack of dialpad.   When I logged in this morning, the dialpad is back in Teams.


Sometime last week, I tried disabling EV and re-enabling and that didn't work for me.


I'm going to report my findings to Microsoft, see if they have anything to say about it.


I forwarded my findings to the MS case and the 'Case Ambassador' called me and said that he was told that the backend team did identify an issue and applied a 'Global fix'.  When I asked him to explain further, he could not, stating that he doesn't have access to what exactly was done other than something was done.   Seems fishy to me, but a 'global fix' being applied does seem to support what we've seen on this thread - several users having issues are now working again.

@OmarVega  Yes very fishy, all working again for my user too, so looks to be resolved, thanks to everyone's contributions to this issue.

Great result!!  Thanks.