Teams App Error (Not able to view Planner within App)

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Hello - 

We were made aware of an issue this morning, the Teams app on users phone is not working with Planner. When they go into a Team and click on the Planner within that team it says "Oops, something went wrong... Something went wrong and we couldn't verify your account. Please sign out and sign in again.   51b0f115-0521-446b-a397-2093e27f9d46   Planner Version 16.0.11412.35000"


If the user signs out and signs back it the same error applies, but if they go to the Planner app their planner works just fine. Was there an update that corrupted the Teams app capability to view planner within teams? 
Both iPhone and Android are affected 
Thank you 


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If your users experience this now from a working experience before, I’d suggest you create a ticket with Microsoft!


I have a ticket opened with Microslow, someone posted i should open a conversation here. 



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