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On the page it is described that to start to take meeting notes before the actual meeting, you should: "go to Meetings on the left side of the app, select the meeting, and click Chat with participants. Select the Meeting Notes tab, then click Start taking meeting notes."


My issue is that I don't find anywhere to click "Start taking meeting notes". Has anyone been able to get this to work? 


Thanks, Magnus 

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Yeah, this works for me! Click the meeting -> chat with participants. Then you are directed to the chat space where you have meetingnotes as a tab ( See picture ) 

Its also possible to join the meeting and start meeting notes within from the meetingnotes icon the usual way




if its a channel meeting - there will be a tab created in the same channel as the meeting

Yep, it totally works...the other way is just open the meeting and click on the Meeting Notes action so you can start adding notes

Thanks Juan and Adam for your suggestions. They don't help me though. 


Let me rephrase: I expect to have a connection established between the meeting and its meeting note already before the meeting starts, just like you are able to do when the Teams meeting actiually has been started. 


One effect of that would be that a link to the meeting note is inserted in the meeting thread (this is not so important as it could be done manually, but the important thing is to have the meeting note already connected to the meeting for the participants to be able to find it in relation to the meeting).


Do you know how to do that (and not having to start each meeting in beforehand for a few seconds in order to get access to the "Create meeting note" link).


Thanks, Magnus

I dont really understand! This is exactly what above states :) You precreate the meetingstab and can write notes before the expected meeting take place! If you go into the meeting beforehand and click "chat with participants" you will be taken the chat tab where the meeting now is a conversation WITH a meetingnotes tab! Click the tab and "create meetingnotes" and you will be able to start doing notes!

Ig it's a channel meeting the tab will be created in the channel instead




Thanks Adam. I still don't get it, sorry. Maybe it is because I'm so used to using OneNote for meeting notes and kind of expect the same functionalities here. So I have a few specific questions: 


  1. When I'm in the meeting note wiki in the channel, how do I create a note that is for the specific meeting (for OneNote I do that in the calender event by clicking "Meeting notes" or clicking on "Meeting information" on the OneNote page)? I only see "Add new section here" which gives me an empty section with the heading "Notes". I expect to the title of the meeting inserted (like when I click on "Meeting note" when the Team meeting has started). 
  2. How does the Teams app know which meeting note belongs to which meeting? This is the crucial thing, for the meeting participants to easily get access to the right notes. 

I have to admit that the wiki pages is something I haven't fully grasped which might be why I'm struggling to get it. 


Thanks again. 

So I did the following testing: 


  1. I created a test meeting "Test meeting" in a specific Team and channel 
  2. I then went to the channel tab "Meeting notes" and created a new page and added some text for the meeting. I added the title of the meeting (i.e. "Test meeting") as a title of the page
  3. I then started the meeting and clicked on "Create meeting note" and a new page was created with the title "Test meeting"

I ended up with 2 pages called "Test meeting" which is not what I want. 


What I am doing wrong here? 

I'm not done testing yet all the scenarios but this is how its works


Creating a channel meeting will create the notes tab in the channel! This will be used for all future meetings..When joining the meeting, you must initiate the meetingsnotes for that meeting! When this is done a section in the meetings notes gets created with the meeting name!

All the meeting notes taken place in that channel will end up in the same tab, but separated between different meetings


So to populate notes before a meeting: Create a meeting and join the meeting - click the notes tab and create notes for that meeting! A section with the meeting's name will now be created!

Either work with the notes in the meeting or exit the meeting! In the meetings tab you can now see the new section accociated with that meeting! edit the notes as you like under this section and everything will be visible for all when joining the meeting when its suppose to start


/ Adam



Thanks Adam. Yes, this is what I have been doing for the past months, starting the  meeting for a few seconds immediately after I have scheduled it in order to get access to the create meeting note. This will have the downside that in the meeting thread it will state that the meeting has already been run (for 10 seconds).  


I'm now in the situation where I should recommend to a group on how to manage their meetings in Teams. I don't feel that the above scenario is very user friendly and have doubts recommended them to work in that way.

I’ll bring this up in the AMA tonight!!

Hi Magnus,


I agree with Adam and Juan - but I am going to go through this step by step with screenshots.


1.) I created the meeting via Outlook. It is in Teams



2.) I go to Chat with Participants




3.) I arrive on Conversations tab for the meeting, I select the Meeting Notes tab and then select Take Notes






4.) I add my notes




5.) I join the meeting on the top right




6.) I see my notes in the top right




7.) I choose show notes in full screen and then can work on notes whilst the call is minimised




When adding to your notes, please make sure you continue the notes in the section and do not select the + button marked above in the red box.


Hope that helps!


Best, Chris

Thanks Christopher, the screenshots were very useful.


I don't follow you between steps 2 and 3. When I click "Chat with participants" I come to the conversation tab, just like if I just had gone straight to the channel itself. I must be missing something in that step. 


When you say "I select Meeting Notes then Take Notes" do you mean that you switch from the conversation tab to the meeting note tab, by clicking yourself? Or how do you achieve the connection between the meeting you just came from and the new meeting note?

hi! Thanks @Christopher Hoard! Always so nifty :)

Step 2 - 3: It's correct! You will be taken to the channel itself - then click on the notes tab

Though you must initiate the meeting into the notes by creating the notes within the meeting first

Hi Magnus,


Yes, when selecting the meeting and then select chat with participants, select 'meeting notes' tab



Best, Chris

So images 2 and 3 in Christophers scenario should be switched? 

Hi Magnus,

I have adjusted the post above with the steps.

Let me know how it goes.

Best, Chris

Aha, I see where you are, Christopher. My issue is with meetings created in Teams for within a specific channel. The other private meetings have the functionality for meeting notes, yes. But thanks!

Ok, let's do this!


1.) Create the meeting in teams and select the channel




2.) The meeting should appear in the channel as follows, click on the meeting




3.) Select Join




4.) Go to notes icon and select take notes




5.) Add your notes and notes Title (here I have set it to Meeting Notes 12/12). Again, keep them in the section and do not select + in the red box




6.) If you come out of the meeting and go to Meeting Notes in the channel, or whilst in the meeting select Teams and go to the channel where the call is minimised you can see the notes there. 




Hope that solves it! If you want meeting notes on there before the meeting you will need to join the meeting and add them before the meeting takes place.


Best, Chris


Yes, Christopher, that we have worked out is the only way of having a meeting note in advance of a meeting. It is by no means a user friendly procedure, and not something I will be able to recommend to the group I am working with at the moment (a management board for a large company), i.e. 1. to take your time to start a meeting in advance and 2. have the notice inserted in the meeting thread that the meeting already has occurred. 


So I conclude that there's no reasonable way of having a meeting note created for a channel meeting before the actual meeting. I hope Microsoft is working on implementing a solution for this.


So what will I be recommending? Well, I noticed today that the OneNote app recently was updated with the feature of connecting its pages to meetings (in particular to Teams meetings, something OneNote 2016 isn't able to do) so I think that's the way forward until the meeting note logic in Teams has been improved.


Thanks for your help guys! It's much appreciated. //Magnus 

your conclusion seems right! 


Me and Chris will attend the Teams AMA later today and bring it up there

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