Skype for Business Cross Talk

Harrison Hersch

Can we chat from Teams to Skype for Business yet?

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Soon™ :)

You've been able to do that for months, if not a year?
Agree with Christopher :-)...Vasil, did you make a typo ;-)?

To be clear, I'm referring to on a different domain, not in our account. I can find no way to do that. I.e., in our SFB, we can easily talk to people in other companies so long as the federated settings are configured right. I want to go from my Teams to another company using SFB.

Ok, in that case, Vasil physic ways are correct :). Soon!
:-)....yep....by the way, have you tried to configure a user in your tenant to be forced to use Teams for chat and calls....curious to see what happens
Yes. Nothing really, you just can't chat anyone in Skype side and you can't change that option in settings for Skype interop. Your calls come into Teams. About it.

Well in my experience, whenever people ask for Teams and SfB interop, it's almost always about federation, so I guess I assumed this was the case here too. We have enough methods to communicate internally even without Teams in the picture, but the ease of use SfB federation offers for exchanges with external parties is definitely a huge argument against switching to Teams, for many orgs. Anyway, that saga will be over soon.

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