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We have shared Windows computers that multiple staff members use.  Currently, we use Skype for Business Client on these computers and staff can log in and log out of the client when they are on or leaving the service desk computer.  But with Teams, it is my understanding that the client is tied to a single Office 365 account and Windows user profile.  I could have users use the online web version of Teams but we have a need for screen sharing for remote support, which the online web version of Teams does not support.  Given these variables, what is my best option for deploying Teams on shared Windows computers?

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Yeah, teams installs in the user profile! Only the RDS version will install in the default windows installation folder!

I suggest creating separate user profiles in windows and let users login once in that and have their teams setup instead

@adam deltinger Multiple user profiles is not an option for us, as there are too many users and this would bog down Windows performance significantly.  I'm thinking use a generic account for the client (just to have remote access in place for my I.T. help desk) and individuals could simply use the online web version for collaboration specific to their Office 365 account.  Does that make sense?  Is there a better mousetrap I'm not thinking of?

It sound doable! Create an inprivate browser session icon on the desktop they can use

It just seems like the Teams client would allow User A to log out and User B to login.  Is there no way for end users to easily login and log out of the Teams client?

@psneathen in the top right corner of the app is the settings icon. click on that and you'll see the option to log out. logging out immediately opens up the log in window for the next user. I use about 5 different accounts on my desktop app without creating different windows profiles.

Yeah this is possible, but it also depends on your environment how well it works! If you have SSO etcetera this will mess that up! Also users need to make sure to log out each time from the client

@Kelly E Now that is embarrassing.  I can't believe I missed that.  Thank you.

😂 thought you tried that already
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