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Hi all,


We noticed an issue with 1 specific Microsoft Team about 2,5 Months ago. The SharePoint connector for Teams wasn't working. It simply gave a 404 error or "sorry, something went wrong". Have created a ticket right away and have spent a lot of time showing this to Microsoft Support during numerous remote sessions, have sent many Fiddler logs and have answered the same questions too many times (e,g. have you tried using a different browser?). 

Just a couple of days ago, the same issue started happening for all our Microsoft Teams environments. Is anyone else experiencing this? The SharePoint connector is now not working for us at all. Have been trying to get this ticket escalated, but it doesn't look like we're making any progress. Can someone from the PG please reach out to me via DM and look into this ticket? 



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Is someone from Microsoft actually monitoring this forum? 


We have experienced the similar issue - but it's limited to using Teams Web client on IE. It works fine while using Teams desktop client and web client on Edge and Chrome browser. 

We have a support ticket open for last three months. It's been escalated to product team but no updates on resolution and no ETA.




Thanks for sharing. Your experience with support is similar to mine and I'm not surprised tbh. Will post an update here when I have new information. Still hoping that someone from the PG reaches out to me to look into this as the normal escalation paths aren't working. Have wasted a lot of time since I opened this ticket on 8/20/2018, 5:02:17 PM. 

Pooya - we're having a similar issue here. Just tried installing the SharePoint News connector within Teams (desktop client). From the app store, I can find SharePoint News. When prompted for the team to add to, I select my team (which has an associated SharePoint site with existing news posts) and click Install. Then I am prompted to select which channel to use and click Set up. I then am prompted to click Save, and when I do, I get, ":-( Something went wrong. An unexpected error occurred. Please try again," with requestID, server, & date info. I'll see if I can find a solution elsewhere and if I do, loop back here. Too bad as this would be a very useful connector for our org!

Can confirm that the SharePoint News connector is also not working for us. Will send them an email to let them know and will ialso nclude a link to this thread. 

Thanks Pooya. Just had a conversation with MS tech support. Here's the best resolution we could reach for now (in short, the connector is still in targeted release and should be ready for standard adoption by the end of the year).

Assessment / Recommendations:
Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted in to the Targeted Release program. This means that you may not yet see this feature or it may look different than what is described in the help articles.
More Information:
While on call I mentioned that the feature might not working fine as of now. Some of the features are introduced slowly into all of the accounts. You can refer also to this Microsoft support article at:
While on call we also checked if you are on a standard release program or a targeted release. Any new release is first tested and validated by the feature team, then by the entire Office 365 feature team, followed by entire Microsoft. After internal testing and validation, the next step is a Targeted release (formerly known as First release) to customers who opt in. At each release ring, Microsoft collects feedback and further validates quality by monitoring key usage metrics. This series of progressive validation is in place to make sure the worldwide-release is as robust as possible.

Thanks for sharing. Find it strange that users (not in targeted release) are seeing that connector and AFAIK, the SharePoint connector isn't in preview. They have to at least fix the issue my customer is experiencing with the normal SharePoint connector and they haven't made any progress in more than 3 Months. TBH, I'm not so sure that they can actually fix it as I have seen multiple bugs not being addressed. Based on my experience, I would not recommend any organization to make use of Microsoft Teams. There are too many bugs and Microsoft support is clearly not ready to support it. 

I think, it has nothing to do with standard and target release. The issues applies to both standard and target release users - not on a single tenant but multiple tenant. 

It's been over 4 months but issue is sill there - even after logging it via multiple client's tenant. 

I tested the same feature with my tenant, and I could add the connector successfully. So the feature is available and working as expected. If a feature is not working, either it is not yet released for you, or it needs troubleshooting to see why it is not working. Kindly contact Microsoft support for more information on the issue that you are facing.

I confirm that it seems we are several in this situation, i face similar situation with a customer's tenant.

For now MS support is still investigating logs captured with fiddler & correlation ID.


Any updates for others with same situation ?

We have been experiencing the same problem across all Teams on all platforms for a few weeks. I have created a support ticket with Office 365 support and I await their reply. We get the same "something went wrong" message with some text about lacking permissions when we try to modify the connector, add a new connector or remove an existing one. Very frustrating, I wish Microsoft could give us a concrete reply about it. Someone will know why it is no longer working and when the fix will be released. My guess is that it is related to SharePoint permissions. 

a fix is being made for this issue and should reach production soon

@Bruno Aleixo Many thanks for this precious information.


is it something we could follow with our customers through the Message Center ? 


a fix has been deployed

I had a call with MS yesterday and their Engineering team is still working on this- They were not able to provide any ETA. 


Fix is in prod. Please test. Thanks!

Can confirm that the SP news connector is working in our environment. We're now just waiting for the SharePoint connector to be fixed... 

if you are facing any other issues open a support incident. All my feedback below was related to the SP News one

Thanks for the tip. Created this thread to see if anyone else is experiencing issues with the SharePoint connector and as you can see at the top, a ticket was created for that more than 3 Months ago. 

Can confirm that it is now working in our environment as well.  Thanks!

Glad to confirm that the SharePoint News connector is working for us again now too. Thanks for the pretty speedy fix and publication Microsoft guys...

Just had another call with MSFT support and they asked for a screen sharing session and a new Fiddler log w.r.t. the SP connector issue. We talked a bit and then it was concluded that the correlation ID should be enough. Looking forward to the next screen/fiddler log sharing session. Does anyone know the options when it has become clear that Microsoft can't fix a specific bug? It there any documentation on this? 



Hope you have tried on  Teams Web & Desktop clients,  I have this issues only on desktop client. then the issues was diapered , reached out to an admin and they were talking about  it setup rules for port forward, I am not sure what port but while searching for it I have got the below info .. worth checking 


Teams Audio: UDP 50000-50019

Teams Video: UDP 50020-50039

Teams Sharing: UDP 50040-50059

Hi. Indeed. That's the first thing I tried before creating a ticket with support. It's impacting all Microsoft Teams environments in all browsers, all machines, networks etc. When I created the ticket it only impacted one Microsoft Team. Have received another email from support mentioning something new and that they are still investigating it. Will share an update here when I have new information. Think it's safe to conclude that this isn't something my customer can fix as it's all happening on the backend. 


Happy to say that Microsoft fixed the issue with the SharePoint connector for us yesterday. To anyone else that faces the same issue, make sure to create a ticket and also add a reference to this thread. 

I've created a SharePoint via Microsoft Teams. I'm trying to add a facebook page to my sharepoint homepage, but continually get ':-( something went wrong' message like many others here.


Has there been a fix yet? Am I doing something wrong or do we just wait?

Any new issue on connectors should not be associated with the previous one. My advice is to open a support case.

@Pooya Obbohat 


Was testing that on a test tenant, and it worked only in Microsoft Edge. I was getting the same error in Chrome.


But for a prod tenant I'm getting a different error "Something went wrong. Connectors have been disabled for client - SkypeSpaces. Please contact your administrator. ".


Any idea? SharePoint News app is enabled at the tenant level under Microsoft Teams settings in the admin center.


@Aim Zaab haven't seen that before. AFAIK, you have the option to enable/disable connectors and that's it. When you have the option to select a connector and are getting an error, then I think all you can do is reach out to Microsoft support. 

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