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Mike Valentine
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First, I want to say Amazing Job on the release of Microsoft Teams!


We just had our go-live for O365 this week after migrating from Google Apps.  I have been frantically looking for something to fill a gap that we have stumbled across that we were using on GApps that doesn't exist in O365.  Then along comes Teams and has promise to give us much more than plugging the gap that I have that is frustrating our users.


The Chat Bot told me that SharePoint Document Libraries (although you can add it as a tab in Teams) isn't quite ready.  (BTW, I love it when a Chat Bot actually answers the question that I ask it!!!!)  Having the abiltiy to link a document library from SharePoint into Teams will plug the missing feature that we relied on in Google Apps.  Do you have an ETA when this integration will be ready?  I would be very much willing to test this out with my user base.  This would, IMO, be a game changer on user acceptance of our O365 rollout.



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Yes, having the ability to link Sharepoint document libraries to Microsoft Teams is exactly what I'm looking for and what is missing for my organisation in Slack. This would be very helpful! 

Hello Mike - I'm the Program Manager for files in Microsoft Teams. Good news - the ability to view files from an external SharePoint document library is available! Go to any channel in your team, press the + to the right of the tabs, and select the "SharePoint" option.

We've had some bugs with the feature reported that we're investigating. Please let me know if you encounter any or have feedback. Also, I'll ensure T-Bot is updated with the correct response. Thank you for trying Microsoft Teams!
Hello Kyle. Thank you for getting back to me. I do believe that I am encountering a bug. I did additional testing today and here is what I have found. Some sites do indeed work and if I add a tab to a SharePoint library it does display properly. Most subsites however come up with a "View your SharePoint files here" message instead. I did test the Upload button and it is properly linking to the SharePoint library because the file does get uploaded properly it's just not creating the proper view into the library. It doesn't seem to be related to the type of site either. I have Wiki, Team, and Publishing subsites and there is no pattern that I can see on which libraries work and which don't.

Hi Kyle,


I tried to add (pressing "+" in tab) Sharpoint site to channel both in Teams web and desktop apps. Both give me the same problem. If I select one from "Relevant sites" and click "Next", there's no further response. If I enter the URL from "Use a Sharepoint link", I get an error message saying "We couldn't find any Sharepoint site or a folder. Check the link and try again."


Teams desktop version: (64-bit); last updated on 11/3/16.

Hi Kyle,


Is one of those bugs the situation where you try to add a Documents library that isn't the default 'Documents' one and it says that it works but it adds a bugged copy of the 'Documents' library instead?



@Kyle Blevens Has anyone found a workaround or a reason why some SP libraries work with Teams and others don't? I have fired up Fiddler and looked at the calls to libraries that fail and libraries that work. The only thing that I can see is that on the ones that are failing there is no JSON returned from the API call to list the items in the library. The press on Teams has been crazy and I have about 20+ people asking daily when I am going to start rolling this out. If I cannot find a solution/workaround on this document library issue then I don't feel comfortable rolling this out to people.


Alan, yes, not being able to add a non-default document library is one of the known issues.

Based on the descriptions a few of you have provided it sounds like there are likely several bugs involved. I'll have a support engineer from our team reach out to you individually to collect logs and other information to assist in our debugging.


Thank you again for reporting the issues, and we greatly appreciate the assistance in identifying the root cause.

Thanks Kyle, If this bug is fixed and the option to choose the columns to display in the integration is added, I can see this being huge.

FWIW, I too am having problems with SharePoint in Teams. The error I receive is, "The Files are no longer available". I've seen elsewhere this may be related to a bug with libraries that have spaces in the path name.


I test almost every day so am intersted in knowing when this gets fixed so i can roll out Teams to my users.



Absolutely. I would like to be able to have a custom document library available in a channel in the event the collaboration is specific to content of a particular existing library. Seems it list the custom documetn library and adds without error but then its actually adding the default shared documents library. A true but that I'd like to see corrected.


Hi, I've started using Teams and wanted to add my default root document library, but I get the message "These files are no longer available. Check to see if site is available and try again".

I've went through the add tab wizard > sharepoint > it even suggested my connected Office 365 Groups site > I select the Library > give it name > click save and done. Except, no files but the message above.

The Group uses the "German" locale, so the URL is something like https://tenantname.sharepoint.com/sites/o365groupname/Freigegebene%20Dokumente/ (I still don't get why Microsoft insists on changing default library names to german, instead of leaving them in english...) 


Any ideas?


I have the same issue with .../workgroups/XYZ/Shared%20Documents/...


Can you confirm that you have the current client version,

Alan, this issue (adding non default library) has been fixed in the current build If you are still experiencing after updating to this build this please let us know.

Where is the build you mentioned?

I have run updates and reinstalled only to be at Microsoft Teams Version

Same here.

Settings | About shows "You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/30/16."

First of all, Kyle - thanks for bringing in the SharePoint document library integration already in the beginning of the preview.


As someone who is accustomed to finetuning the inner workings of a SharePoint library, I've got one question though: Is the support for different views within SharePoint Document Libraries and / or document metadata on the roadmap to be added to the SharePoint tab? Or do the users have to navigate to the actual SharePoint library view even in the future to achieve this?

My guess is that users wil have to navigate to the actual SharePoint library and if you need to have this kind of customizations inside Teams, you will have to build it yourself

@Rebecca Valdivia wrote:

Can you confirm that you have the current client version,

Same as the other replies above. 

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 29/11/2016.


I would have assumed to get the latest version, since I only started using the product yesterday and downloaded the setup fresh from teams.microsoft.com. I've also manually checked for updates it says I'm on the latest build.

Hi Rebecca


Yes, I can confirm a version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/29/16.


Another point I really don't like is how the version is displayed. (UX) I was really expecting, that some kind of dialog will be displayed, when I click on "About " and after few try I founded, that the version is displayed on the top of window.


On the other hand, I really like MS Teams and idea behind it. It will need some improvement and bug fixing but it looks really promissing. 

The update is pushed out over different rings - so may not have made it to your tenant yet.  Version is the prior version even though it says you were updated (a fix for displaying that you were updated when you havent been should be in the next update).  Some of the SP file issues in this thread have been resolved in builds after ( on Mac).  You may want to manually check for an update again periodically.


You can sync documents from any SharePoint library (on-prem or Online) with Teams documents, also from local file server department shares or user home drives via 3rd party tools like the Layer2 Cloud Connector one-way or two-way with flexible options. 

Looks like my Teams app updated again, but I'm still a build number behind the one you've mentioned, so I'll have to wait to confirm this.
Build "You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/30/16." still has the same issue.



You have the current build (I revised my post as I referenced the Mac version).  I will reach out to you directly on your issue.

Thank you.

Why is Sharepoint Integration not working?


The default sharepoint site for the Teams group I created inside MS Teams won't find documents:


These files are no longer available
Check to see if site is available and try again
List 'Documents' does not exist at site with URL 'https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/Core'. Scenario ID: B5A0D121F24644A4BABF390C25E3F0D0
I can also add our regular SP site, but again, files are not coming in.
We can't get your files
We're working on getting them back.
Totally useless for us at this point

Vincent sounds like a bug. I'll reach out directly for more details.

I did create a support ticket and wanted to post the results here too. Apparently, you cannot just add a sharepoint site. Even though you select the actual document library you want to sync with the team, it will just not show up.


What did work was uploading a file into 'Files' in Teams which would pop up in the sharepoint teamsite that was generated when creating the Team. From then on, all files that were added to that folder (called General) were being synced back and forth between SP and Teams. Not great, but at least it is something...

Thanks for sharing that Vincent.


The question remains though is (for the MS folks) - we have many teams which rely on existing processes which provision an internal SharePoint site - which is different than the "internal" SharePoint instance for the team created by Teams. The SharePoint connector should be able to surface the files from the existing SharePoint deployment as well. Is this something currently being looked into, and is there anything we can provide (logs, etc.) to help in that investigation? I can repro the problem with our instance as well (SharePoint on-prem document library). 

I just started using teams after having used Office365 for a couple of years. In that implementation we have several sharepoint sites and existing document libraries that I'm tring to make visibile in Teams. In one instance I was able to use the '+' to add a sharepoint site by providing a sharepoint link to the existing library. That worked for one instance where there is only one document library on that site.


I tried to do the exact same thing to a site that has several document libraries on it. In that process I was prompted to select the specific document library I wanted to include on my Teams general channel and I received the message 'We Can't get your files. We're working on getting them back.' Huh? What am I suppose to do? I don't really want to link/sync the same documents into two document libraries. that seems pointless. 


Any thoughts? is this a known issue?

Greg, you should be able to add libraries from sites with multiple. Sounds like this may be a bug. We just had a new update release this week, so please update your client or session first and try again.


I'll have a support member from my team pre-emptively reach out in the case that doesn't work and we need to debug the problem.

Hallo, we have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). The issue with the sharepoint tab described above is still present, no files are shown in that tab, with the message "We can't get your files. We are working on getting them back".

It would be nice if this would work.

That's pretty strange because I have a same version and by me it's working now. It was not working but I tried it few weeks back and I was succesfull. 


From which region you are? The reason of question is that I saw somewhere (maybe in this discussion) that some feature of MS Teams are released in some sequence by countries, regions or something like that. But now I'm not able to find this source of information. So I'm not 100 sure I'm right. Maybe you just need to wait little bit. 




I'm in the US. We use Office 365 and have a main site for our company with many document libraries on that site. Here are some screen shots that I just took trying this again.

So in that case please try to ask somebody from MS Teams's support Team. I had before same issue but not anymore. 

try to ask Rebecca Valdivia, she was very helpful last time.
Try to ask Rebecca Valdivia maybe

I have already reached out to those of you with an exisiting issue via private message (here on tech community).  Please gather the requested infromation and send that info to me so we can investigate your issue(s). Thanks!

same issue here. Can seem to add SP document library on MS Teams app. I'm on a mac by the way

Hi everyone,


Thank you for providing logs and assisting us with this issue. With your help we've narrowed down the possibilities, but need to make changes to our telemetry to find the root cause. The changes are already on the way - I'll provide another update based on the results.


Thank you for your patience!



I've got this issue too if we can be of assistance to provide further clues.

Am getting the message These files are no longer available" when I click on the Files tab in a channel.

"File Not Found. Scenario ID: 21CE93E2137C4E0D9ED6E2964B0949A7"

It only happens for 1 of the 2 channels I have -- both have SharePoint integration added as a tab along the top.
For the 'broken' channel, I can still access files via the SharePoint tab
MS Teams version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/13/17.
I actually think I might know what it is.

I think it 'breaks' if you rename the 'General' folder to something else.

I've just renamed the top level folder via the SharePoint link back to 'General' and now my Files tab works again.

Everyone owes me 1 beer.

@Greg Matthews

I have the same error:

These files are no longer available
Check to see if site is available and try again
File Not Found. Scenario ID: 04CA7FA4B01340B0A2C2D6FE43325E5C
Last week I created our first Team, and have a General and 3 other channels.  In one of the channels we uploaded some files, it was working fine for several days, but now when clicking on the Files tab in this particular channel, get the message above.  The files are still available on the Sharepoint site, and in Team under Files - Microsoft Teams.  It seems like the link is broken.  
The only change I can think that we did after uploading the files was to add the Sharepoint site to the General tabs, and added a Plan page to the failing channel.
I posted this onto the feedback button, but no response.  I am hoping this is where to request assistance for this software.
Hello all,

I just spoke to a SharePoint technician.

It seems that this message "We can't get your files. We're working on getting them back." appears when adding a document library from the root SharePoint-site:

When adding a document library from a different site collection it actually works!
(i.e. https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/itdepartment/documentlibrary)

This case is now being sorted by the Skype for Business Team. I will keep you posted.

I'm having the same issue when using Teams. I create a Team, then click the Files tab and encounter the error.


I've been told "wait 24 hours" on a similar issue - with the idea being that "behind the scenes, Microsoft is provisioning the storage" and it can take up to 24 hours for that process to run.


#1: the error message should be more descriptive

#2: this error never should happen in the first place - come up with another way to provision file space if this is really what's happening. Nothing like having work interrupted.

Hi Kyle!


when adding sharepoint tab to teams channel, Is there any way to select specific path from documents instead of the whole document tree? That would be great!


Our proposal is to keep every project document in the sharepoint site instead of the teams file tab in order to keep it all together. 


Thanks in advance!


Dear Team,


I am happy that all the features are intigrated at one place...!


Reg: Sharepoint document library in Microsoft Teams - Will the customiused view of documents library can be dispayed as it is?


Thank you. 

Any update on the issue with using doc libraries from the root? Thanks.

Are there any remaining known issues with linkage to SharePoint?


We are in a hybrid situation - most of our SharePoint is at O365.  We do have a few sites on-prem.  I am unable to link to these on-prem sites.


"We couldn't find any SharePoint site or a folder. Check the link and try again."


Is this supported?

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