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Homer Franklin
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I understand from previous post that there may be a change coming to allow users to change the default sort for items in the Files tab.  Is this still in consideration?

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It's coming, just a matter of when. Once the SharePoint UI replaces the Files tab, you'll be able to set the default view which will include sort order.

What does that mean? The SharePoint UI is replacing the Files Tab?

Thanks Chris - So, I should now be able to set the Files tab to default sort on Name. Is that correct? I'm having some trouble doing that. 

No, they have not released this still. No updates from Microsoft on the matter either. Could be this week could be months from now......But when this releases, we should be able to modify the default view on the libraries and it come over into Teams to my knowledge.

Just checked and at this time still an issue: sort order in Teams files for files is last modified, while in the underlying sharepoint document library it sorts default by filename.

Sorting by name by default is the sane default, hope Microsoft picks this up soon.

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@quinnmdq Still not updated in May 2019. This sort of behaviour immediately deters users who are using teams for the first time in our org. Sort should be by name as default, and defaults should be able to be set according to user preference.

Anyone know if that functionality has been implemented yet? It can't be that hard, it's one of the most basic functions of any file browsing system

@D-Fine  no, no news here! the  conversation and files tab is not movable

Any news on this? I'm another one who is waiting for this feature. Rgds,
Last I heard a few weeks ago. It was supposed to been out already so who knows at this point. Hopefully really soon.
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