Self presence status changes in Teams

Massimo Prota
New Contributor



I have some questions/concerns on how Teams is controlling my presence status.

For instance, if I set my status on 'Do not Disturb' after few minutes my status is changed automatically to 'Available'.


From the logs:

  • info -- Added DoNotDisturb (current state: Available -> DoNotDisturb)  set manually
  • info -- Machine has been idle for 50.828 seconds
  • info -- Added Available (current state: DoNotDisturb -> Available) 

How MS Teams client handles presence status changes?

In this case I was in the simplest scenario, with a single device endpoint (single point of presence)

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Teams presence in its current state is a complete disaster. If it’s one thing they need to move over from Skype for business is the presence. I’m hoping with the hybrid presence merge they improve it in some way but it’s been delayed. Hopefully not much longer and hope they fix it but what you are experiencing is the norm currently.
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