Search doesnt work for non-latin symbols

Dmitry Kuznetsov
New Contributor


we try switch to Teams for inner communications, but there are some issues, that really stopping us.

one is a no possibility to copy messages from conversation. you cant simple select part of conversation and make ctrl+c and ctrl+v in other program (e.g. MS Outlook or MS Visual Studio or TFS, etc) without lost names, timestamps and format corruption. its very annoying thing.

but more worse is a search in conversation that doesnt work correct for non-latin words:

i can search by part of word for latin - e.g. if i search "ba" - then i got in results messages that include "back" and "but" and other like "bu*", but if it is search non-latin word "дат", i get only messages that include exactly this word "дат", but not messages with "дата" or "даты" or "дате" or any other like "дат*".

it make search useless and almost impossible to find something in conversation history.
can you get me advice how we can solve this issue?

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Can you open a support ticket and shared the ID here? I'm going to share this information with the Team
sorry, but i cant find URL for support tickets management system.
can you show me where i can open ticket?
you can open support tickets in the Admin Portal. If you don't have permissions, ask your Office 365 Admin
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