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Bill Wootton
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Is there anyplace or anyway to save conversations in Team?   

For example, all Skype chats are saved in Outlook conversation histories.  

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The conversations are saved in Microsoft Teams automically so all you have to do, is just scrolling up.

Yes, conversations are stored in the storage model used by Teams in the same way Planner tasks are stored in the the storage model defined for Planner

Can you provide more information on how this is done?  Not sure I see where we could access conversations after a group is deleted (that the use case I'm working on)


Unfortunately, you cannot recover a deleted Group conversations or files. Once it's deleted, it's lost forever.


However, I read somewhere that Microsoft is working on a new feature, similar to the Deleted users you have with tenants but with Groups. 


Edit: here the source - http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/roadmap#I-31837

Thansk for the heads up on the new feature.  Is there a way to proactively save a conversation in Teams

The best way I believe would be to copy and put it in One Note. Just my opinion.

I gues that would work for an individual entry, but I'm not sure I see how that would work for the whole thread?

I use the pretty low tech "ctrl-a" "ctrl-c" to do this. Not structured but works.

If teams Saves Conversations Automatically what is the purpose of the Save Button (the ribbon next to the Like button on conversations).    I would assume that there is a natural archiving mechanism in teams that controls surfacing only recent conversatons and that this button allows us to save or keep that conversation visible.     We would love a further explanation on the purpose of the button and how to go about saving conversations in such a way that a year from now we don't have to scroll through hundreds of conversations on a channel. 

"The text based discussions can become very lengthy for many reasons and you may need to mark a certain entry so that you can come back to it later so that you can take action or use it as a reference later in the project.


Marking these chat entries as saved is very straight forward and then links to those chats will be under your Microsoft Teams user profile. The best part is that this element of the chat is saved in context to the chat entries before and after it which is very handy.


Once a chat entry is saved it will appear under your Saved list of items on your user profile section of Microsoft Teams."


Source: http://windowsitpro.com/office-365/quick-tip-how-save-chats-microsoft-teams

If we need to share the conversation with a Director regarding a project, all we can do is copy and paste…it doesn’t look very professional or legitimate.

It’s odd and inconvenient that it doesn’t save it anywhere like it used to with Skype for Business. Too bad.

Also there is not a way to select a sequence of chat entries , ctrl+c, ctrl+v in an email or other software.
I believe ctrl+a only selects what you have in the teams channel's cache ( the entries that you have scrollable without downloading more content)

"All Teams 1:1 or group chats are journaled through to the respective users’ mailboxes and all channel messages are journaled through to the group mailbox representing the Team"


Source: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/Top-Features-of-Microsoft-Teams-amp-Info...

i recall in reading admin console documentation there is a 30 day restore window or atleast 2 weeks for a deleted group...

Yes, deleted groups can be restored for 30 days, here's how to do it https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/skypehybridguy/2017/07/23/restoring-a-deleted-team-in-microsoft-...


Also, Teams recently gained Retention Policies, which I think should meet the original issue in this thread. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/Retention-policies-for-Microsoft-Teams/b...

Currently Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C does not work now, it does not select the conversations i am scratching my head, number of channels have increased and i want to delete some but want to make a copy of it.

CTRL+A doesn't work for me. And if I try clicking at the bottom of the conversation and dragging up, or clicking at the top and dragging down, it is very unresponsive, and at times seems to be selecting the text. But then when I let go of the mouse button, half the time, everything becomes unselected again. Or if it stays selected, CTRL+C only copies a few lines. This interface SUCKS! The old chat from around 2005 was much MUCH better. What happened to Microsoft?? 

There is still no solution for this. 

The only thing that works reliably is using the 'save' feature which just pins a location in the chat history for future recall under your saved items in Teams. 

I'm having to manually, page by page - because the selection within the window is so squirrely - copy and paste a very long conversation out to another medium. 

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