(SOLVED) IE11 - Loading Microsoft Teams

Ayaz Younis

Hi. Having a problem with IE11. Students are not able to load web based Teams in IE11 (W7 SP1). It gets stuck on the purple Teams background and just says loading.


I have added the following urls to the Trusted list in IE, as per this link. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/known-issues and allowed first and third party cookies but still students cannot log on. Anybody come across this?


If I log onto the PC as domain admin, and access Office 365 > Teams from a browser using the students credentials, then Teams loads.


If the student logs on as themselves and access Office 365 > Teams from a browser, using their own credentials, Teams does not load.



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If it logs OK on the same PC with a different account, it's probably some restriction set on their profile. Check your GPOs/preferences.

Hi Vasil, after spending 2 days trying to figure out which GPO was conflicting, it turned out that our filtering appliance Smoothwall was blocking skype.com for students. Once I hads allowed that through, Teams started working. SO far so good.