Request: Make Teams notifications standard macOS notifications

Robert Boler
Frequent Visitor

Because Teams is its own custom notification, it doesn't respect the Do Not Disturb setting on the Mac, and has to potential to create unprofessional (or worse, embarrassing) interruptions during presentations and collaboration sessions.


I shouldn't have to disable notifications in the Teams app when there is a mature, user-friendly way built into macOS.


Outlook for Mac is the same with its custom alerts and it's maddening.


Please make Teams notifications standard macOS notifications. Thank you.

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Same issues on PC too for most items. I miss how Skype for Business used to know you were presenting or in a meeting and not disturb you. Hopefully it gets to that with Teams.

I agree, it would be fantastic if it would respect the dnd feature.

This is a must if you want to be treated seriously.

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