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We are looking at beginning to record Teams meetings for our organization and we have some questions. I have searched the forums but have not come up with exactly what I am trying to find out.


1. Is there a way to see the attendees list during the meeting?

2. Can we see who attended and who did not when the meeting is complete?

3. Is the recording secure in that will anyone be able to "stumble" upon it and be able to play it?

4. Is the link secure meaning are there any kind of credentials required to access it or is it simply if you have the link you can view the recorded meeting?


We have calls agents who are not in one location as well as Campuses who may want to record Team meetings.

Any help would be appreciated





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1. There is a button up in the right corner during the meeting among the buttons for chatt, meeting notes and settings! From there you can see attendees!

2. Please see here:

The meeting will end up in stream and only accessible to the group and in the team! The team /itself will have permissions to watch it per default

4. The link will take you to stream and permissions will apply as normal! If you don’t have permissions you won’t be able to watch it!

To add: if it’s a private meeting the attendees of the meeting will have access!

For more information about this see here:


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