Problems with chat calls on Chrome?

Robin Nilsson
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It's not something I use a lot, but I was testing using Teams in Chrome, chatting with someone and clicking the phone icon to start a call. I get


'try a different browser - this feature isn't available....... try Edge or Chrome......'


Um, I'm in Chrome. I updated Chrome to Version 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) and it still didn't work.

Signed out/in and it still doesn't work. What else should I check?

What happened to calling in Chrome? Is that not a thing anymore?

It does work in Edge. And the Win10 app. 

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Updated to latest chrome build. 72 worked fine, soon as I updated to 73 it messed up. Most likely Chrome goofed this one up, but I passed the word on about it, It's most likely a known issue but wouldn't hurt to put a support ticket in as well if you guys utilize browser version much. 

Thanks Adam/Chris. Wish forum allowed multiple bests posts  

Adam, I voted fore the user voice you found, so thanks for that. 

Chris, thanks for confirming versions and passing on the info. I’ll put in a ticket tomorrow so MS can add to the count. 

If we had been live this would have been a real problem, since many of our users would have been on virtual desktops without an app to fall back on, and asking them to use Edge. Would have been difficult. (Edge? What’s Edge? Oh, the browser with the e of a different color that we never use?).

Will stick a task in my rollout plan to test browser functionality. 

Well in this case doesn’t seem to be Teams fault. They must have changed the user strings or something it uses in Chrome so only way I can see to mitigate something like this would be to keep your pc’s from updating Chrome somehow. This Chrome update just released, but you would think the Teams testing teams have access and test betas as they come out but Guess either beta didn’t have this or they missed this particular test :).

Anyway, hopefully Microsoft or Google kick out a fix soon.
Ok Robin, found out what is going on, because I did the same thing in my testing. Chrome can only make calls via Group chat or Meetings and that's how it's always been, the update actually didn't affect it, you might be trying a one to one call via Chrome and it's not working.

Microsoft is working on enabling this at some point, but current expected behavior is chrome calling to only work in group(meeting) calls.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Wow, thanks for taking the time to check. I could swear I've done it in Chrome before, but... oh well. Good to know. We still aren't live but I'm juggling a few 'issues' wondering when they're going to hit - before or after our live. 

Hmm, maybe I could give a teams license to 'Company Eavesdropper' and always invite them :)

LOL! I guess you could do that :). I don't think the Chrome updates for that are too far out, but we thought the same for some other items we've been patiently waiting for. I thought the same myself with the calling via chrome, but I've always joined meetings via browser as test etc. So doesn't surprise me that I never noticed 1to1 calling not working.

Hoping for a quick release on this!

I've been using Chrome for calling for a while now, when working in multiple tenants or multiple test accounts I need that. I used the Linux way to be able to use calling in Chrome, fooling Teams servers that Chrome is a Edge browser, works perfect for tech people but maybe not a good solution for end users.


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