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Is there an overview of all Powershell cmdlets regarding Teams telephony? I want to set up a forwarding for an user via Ps.


I just found this overview:

But there are only cmdlets for Teams/Group/Channel stuff....



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You might also take a look at the Skype for Business Online PS cmdlets
Hi @Th0mas_Da3hl3r,

The Teams PS module is only in preview and does a limited number of actions currently. It is anticipated to have a lot more in the future.

I have added a Uservoice for you which you can vote on


AFAIK, you can also use the Skype for Business PS module for specific commands, for example meeting policies. However, it's not clear whether this works for aspects of voice. But to note, even in Skype for Business there wasn't the ability to do call forwarding through Powershell


Hope that answers your questions

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Any news on the Teams telephony PowerShell cmdlets ? 

We're considering Teams for firstline workers, but I need robust scripting on telephony aspects to handle call forwarding for example. 

No change AFAIK, the Teams powershell module is still on 0.9.6 and the above still applies.

@adam deltinger, @Linus Cansby @Juan Carlos González Martín - have you heard anything different? AFAIK call forwarding is still not available but its been a mad few months.

Best, Chris
Haven’t heard anything else here unfortunately!!
Thank you for the reply.
Are the user votes the only way to affect this ? This is crucial for our decision on using Teams as a firstline workers VOIP solution .



The function you want is what Microsoft called SEFAUtil in Skype for Business, that is only available for Skype for Business Server, not for the online version and not for Teams. I'm suprised that there was no uservoice for this before so good that you started one @Christopher Hoard .

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