Power BI and Microsoft Teams

Diana Rimbu
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Hi team. We have recently added the PowerBI dashboard in our team, however only our colleagues with PowerBI Pro have visibility to the dashboard, so I was wondering if there is a way for those with Power BI (the free one) could have access as well, or they need to upgrade their licence? Many thanks!

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Unfortunate they all have to be licensed. It's a big uservoice request to only need licenses to create dashboards but not sure it's going to happen. The problem is it's nice for little one off dashboards and reports, but not enough to justify replacing other BI platforms in the organization.

I hope they change this, or at least make E3 have a viewing license :).

Thanks for the info Chris! :)

Thanks. Exactly the info I was in search of. A bit of a setback to discover that Teams members could not view the Power BI content added to the channel without a Pro license.

On a side note, having established that a Teams member cannot see the Power BI content in the Teams channel, without a Pro license, I am also finding that even with that license they cannot see said content until after it has been shared with them in Power BI proper.

So, when you add a new member to your Team channel, you must also remember to navigate over to Power BI online and share the content with that new user. This seems a bit convoluted. Am I missing something, or is this the necessary process?

Answered my own question. When publishing from Power BI desktop the key is placing the content into the Team specific App Workspace rather than in My Workspace. Doing so allows the members on the Team roster (provided they have a Pro license) to see the Power BI content without having to go over to Power BI online and share it with them. It is an adjustment, however, to look in Power BI online and see the Team name appear as the owner of the file rather than myself.

It is really too bad that everyone who just wants to view a Power BI dashboard that I share in a Microsoft Team must also have a Power BI license.   I was planning on using Power BI to create dashboards for all business units in my company, but asking everyone to install/purchase a license is untenable.  I am going to have to use Excel for my dashboards.


Microsoft, please consider making dashboards in MS Teams viewable out of the box for any team member.

What about using Power BI Premium? I find this to be a cost effective means to use on its own to drive adoption and in my experience so far a Premium workspace does not require Teams members to each have Pro licenses to view dashboards. Had to assign a view of the “free” licenses but otherwise it seems to work?
To consume the data no pro license is required!
Not much more can be done than view but it should work

It seems I can only add Power BI Reports, not Power BI Dashboards.  Anyone else know if this is going to change?

True! Haven’t heard anything about it! There is a uservoice for it so go in there and vote for it!